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Which Breed of Chicken is best for you?

As you can see, there are many different varieties of chicken breeds to choose from and each offers something different. Determining which breeds of chicken are best for your needs will involve considering a number of factors. Climate is one of those factors. If you live in an area where there is a cold climate, there are some breeds of chicken which should definitely be avoided. Standards are going to be able to typically handle colder weather better than Bantams. Chicken breeds which are well known for being able to withstand the cold include:

While many people do choose keeping chickens as pets, egg production is an added benefit and may need to be considered when selecting the best pet chicken for your needs. Some hens are better known as layers while others are valued primarily for their meat. Also there are some breed chickens which work well for both purposes. Still yet, there are some breeds of hen which are primarily valued as ornamental chickens for instance the Bantam Chicken Breed. Generally speaking, such breeds of chicken which are known for high egg production tend to have a somewhat flighty nature and may not make the best pet chicken. On the other hand, Bantam Chicken Breed as mentioned above; which are often kept for ornamental purposes, tend to be friendlier and more docile. Ultimately, how friendly your hens are, may in large part be based on how much you interact with them and also depends on the unique personalities of those breed chicken.Thumbnail-Chicken-Flock-Gorup-002

While most people have become accustomed to seeing white eggs and the occasional brown egg at the supermarket, there are some breed of hens available which lay various coloured eggs. For different coloured eggs, consider the following breeds:

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