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We are a successful Brisbane based business that is passionate about all things poultry! We deliver chicken coops to suburban backyards Australia wide, kindergartens, schools, aged-care facilities and community gardens. From the smallest backyards to the grounds of sprawling estates – our products cross demographic boundaries with ease.

Our chook coops, chicken keeping products and hen care know-how have been featured on Sky news, News Limited print and online articles, Organic Gardening magazine and RSPCA magazine The Biscuit. We believe all animals, hens included, should be happy and healthy!

Our range of chicken keeping products are designed by us here in Australia and are the result of years of poultry knowledge and a passion for giving every chook a great backyard life! As chook keepers ourselves, we want every Australian to experience the joy of keeping backyard chickens. You too? Let’s peck!

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