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Breed Profile: Japanese Bantam

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Japanese bantam rooster chicken

The Japanese Bantam, also known in many parts of the world as Chabo, is a breed of chicken originating in Japan. They are a true bantam breed, with large upright tails that often reach over the chicken’s head.


  • Class: Japan
  • Type: Bantam
  • Size: Light 1-2kg
  • Rarity: Common
  • Purpose: Ornamental
  • Recognized Varieties: black-tailed-white, white, buff, black-bailed-buff, gray, blue, darred, black breasted red, black as well as Frizzle-feathered and Silkie-feathered


Japanese bantam lay around 75 lovely tiny eggs per year.

  • Egg Colour: Cream
  • Egg Size: Small


  • Comb Type: Single comb
  • Feathered Legs: No
  • Appearance: Yellow skin and legs


  • Hardy in Winter: No
  • Especially Docile: Yes
  • Setter/Broody: Yes
  • Personality: Japanese bantam are easily tamed and make cute pets

Family Friendly Rating: 4/5

Other Chickens with a High Family Friendly Rating: Orpington, Barred Plymouth Rock, ISA Brown, New Hampshire.

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