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Are you bamboozled by choice when it comes to picking a chook coop? Never fear! We are here to provide a guiding wing. Take our Coop Quiz to find out which coop and accessories are best for you, your backyard and your chooks AND get access to an eggs-clusive coop quiz only offer!

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Chicken keeping advice for your area!

Keeping backyard chooks in sunny Queensland? Click here!

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Chicken keeping resources for beginners!

  • Different chicken breeds in backyard

    Top 20 Chicken Breeds for Your Backyard Coop

    Looking to start your own flock of backyard chickens? Or perhaps you are wondering which chicken breed you should add to your established chicken coop? Look no further! Read on for our comprehensive list of the top 20...

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  • Young girl with backyard chicken flock

    A Complete Beginner’s Guide To Keeping Chickens

    Keeping chickens can be a nerve racking experience, especially if you’ve never done it before – but it really is quite easy, so long as you have all the equipment, know what to expect and aren’t afraid to...

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  • lady-feeding-domestic-chickens-in-backyard

    Will My Council Allow Me To Keep Chickens?

    If you’re thinking of keeping chickens in your area, it’s important to check the council regulations in your area before you set up your coop and purchase your flock. Every council will definitely allow you to keep chickens,...

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Chook keeping essentials to get you cluckin’!