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1 x The Mansion™ Chicken Coop - $1849 Included!
1 x 140L Hemp Nesting Box Bedding - $99 Included!
1 x Meal Worm Chicken Treats - $10 Included!
1 x 60L Chook Feed Drum - $69 Included!
1 x 2 Year Extended Warranty - $119 Included!
1 x Auto Door Opener - $199 Included!

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“Our old chicken coop was falling apart and we needed something new for the girls. After looking at lots of others we found the Mansion – both good-looking and particularly practical. The instructions were a breeze to follow and the assembly was quick and easy. We found the lovely people in Brisbane so good to deal with and helpful in every possible way.”– Bill Selby, NSW

Give the gift that keeps on giving with The Mansion Christmas Package! This walk-in height chicken coop package is an egg-cellent choice for any chicken keeper who wants the best for their flock. The Mansion chicken coop makes caring for happy and healthy backyard hens easy!

Do you know a chicken keeper that deserves the best? Make their year with this luxury chicken coop package! The Mansion Christmas Package includes…

Prefer to purchase the Mansion on its own? Cluck through to the Mansion Chicken Coop right here.

Escape the stress of city life by bringing a little slice of the country to your backyard. Styled after the simple, two-room cottage that was the first building on our founder’s grandfather’s farm, don’t be surprised if you start spending as much time in this luxury coop as your chickens – and with a walk-in run, you don’t even have to bend your neck to get inside.

A coat of paint is all it takes to customise the Mansion to your own tastes – from federation-style Queenslander to art-deco modern – and everything in between, the Mansion fits in with your lifestyle, for those serious about living a sustainable lifestyle.

Be the envy of your neighbours and make your chook dream a reality, whether it’s just a couple of fluffy-butts meandering around or a gorgeous flock of up to 20 chooks, the Mansion will house them in comfort and safety. After your first morning trip out to collect those warm, freshly-laid pearls of golden goodness – you’ll know you made the right choice with the Mansion.

Product Dimensions

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Q: I love the idea of Chickens, but isn’t it a massive job to keep a coop clean?
A: Nope. If it was, we’d be the first ones keeping hermit crabs instead. Once a month you pull out the cleaning trays (yes, they slide right out), drop the soiled bedding into the compost (or our lazy favourite – straight onto the garden) and rinse the tray with the hose. Throw in a new batch of bedding and you’re done before your cuppa’s gone cold. Easy.

Q: These nesting box things – doesn’t every chicken need a nest?
A: Actually, no. Chickens are social animals and are more than happy to share. While we may think of the typical chicken as sitting on their eggs in a nest all day, they only really do this in cartoons. Chickens roost (sleep) on perches at night, and during the day they forage, dust bathe and follow you around the garden. They really only use nests to lay their eggs – and then they’re back walking around again. You’ll find each chook will have their own time of day for laying so they don’t all need a nesting box at the same time. As a general rule of thumb, 1 nesting box per 3 chickens will have you covered.

Q: Ok, I like it. But can I afford it?
A: Of course you can. With multiple payment options, we’ve made it as easy to afford as chicken feed. We offer the standard PayPal, Credit Card and Direct Deposit options as everywhere, but it’s also easy to Buy Now, Pay Later with financing from ZipMoney or OpenPay from as little as $40/month. Alternatively, Layby your coop with our Easy Layby option, just 10% deposit and then choose to pay weekly, fortnightly or monthly.

Q: Wait.. Assemble? Can’t you just… ‘magic’ it straight to my backyard?
A: Not really. Our delivery’s pretty quick, but it does still come in boxes. The good news is we’ve done most of the assembly for you already. The holes are pre-drilled, the mesh is attached to the panels and all fittings are already secure. If you can tighten a screw, you can build a Mansion in about three hours (and that’s just a reflection of size, not difficulty). We’ve also included full-colour instructions and a ‘Build with Us’ step-by-step video. We’ve even got a REAL LIVE PERSON on the phone ready to help if you really need a hand. If we, who struggle with Lego, can build a Coop – so can you. Plus – you’ll have enough boxes to build a fort! Now that’s real magic.

Q: I still have questions. Do you have a brochure or something?
A: We sure do. You can click below to download The Mansion Specifications brochure – where we give you the facts you need to make your choice – product footprint, perch lengths, timber description… something about cladding. The ‘Tech’ stuff. Otherwise – give us a call on 1300 763 133, we’re always happy to chat chooks.

Fast Facts:

  • Suits: 2-20 hens
  • 8 x perches = 8m of perching space!
  • 6 x private and lockable nesting boxes – to suit up to 20 hens
  • 3 x large removable slide out cleaning trays
  • Arrives raw, prepped for painting any colour you like – See ‘Timber’ section below
  • Walk right inside this beautiful masterpiece
  • Secure small guage 10mm x 10mm welded galvanised wire mesh (snake proof)
  • Heavy duty timber: 30mm thick with 12mm cladding (twice that of other coops)
  • Weight: 200kg
  • Assembly: arrives pre-assembled in boxes – all locks, hinges, doors, wire mesh and latches are all complete. All holes pre-drilled & hardware supplied!

Legal: This product (which is covered by Australian Design Registration Number 201715934) is made, and the MANSION™ trade mark is used, under licence from Kros Investments Pty Ltd, ACN 18 619 418 656

Download product Brochure

Download Brochure

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What you need to know

Egg Collection

In order for chickens to lay eggs, they require nesting boxes that are comfy, cosy and tidy. They have to be elevated, shaded and free of draughts, with one side left open. This provides your hens with a calm, secluded environment in which to lay eggs. We have the perfect solution – all of our nesting boxes are custom built with these features in mind so you will have happy, healthy, egg-laying hens! The Mansion features 6 nesting boxes; 1 box per 3 hens is ample because they love to share. We’ve also made it easy for you to access your fresh eggs with an external nesting box lid. If you are like us and care about the quality, size, colour and frequency of your eggs, then click here to download our Ultimate Eggs Handbook.


Perches are often overlooked, but they are a critical part of your hen’s daily activities, like roosting!  Not any perch will do, we have custom built 50mm perfectly shaped perches to suit your hens’ feet. Anything smaller can cause your hens to have sore feet and create further problems. Placement of perches is also important, as chooks need to feel secure when they snuggle up for the night. We have designed our perches to be perfectly placed, encouraging natural roosting instincts. Interested to know more about why perfect perches matter? Then click here to download your free eBook, Perch Importance: Chickens Need A Good Roost To Sleep. Add extra pleasure to your flappy family’s coop with our specially designed Chicken Swing perch where your chickens can – and will – sit and swing for hours!  


We only use A grade timber which is kiln dried slowly over months to make sure it’s perfectly prepared for a life of longevity. If you want to know more, download our timber information sheet here. When building a house, the stronger and thicker the timber, the better the home – the same applies to our chicken coops. This is why you will notice that our coops weigh far more than any others on the market. This strength and durability allows us to comfortably offer a warranty. When your coop arrives, ideally before assembly you will need to paint it. Painting will provide a superior longer lasting quality finish and is what we recommend! Painting the coop is just part of the fun, particularly if you get the whole family involved! Check out what others have done here!


Unfortunately, any feathered friend is vulnerable to nasty predators. Therefore, we use 10mm x 10mm galvanised wire mesh, which is fixed firmly in place to stop animals like snakes and rats from getting in. We have also added sliding bolts to help prevent prying creatures pushing the doors open. If you have particularly inquisitive pets, be sure to keep your chickens safe by adding a perimeter fence and concrete base. Talk to us if you have questions – live chat now, or call!  Be sure to have a look at our Auto Door Opener, Motion Sensor Light and Wire Mesh Flooring for the ultimate in security add-ons for your coop. Download your free eBook – The Ultimate Predator Prevention Handbook.


Good ventilation is essential for happy productive hens. The Mansion Chicken Coop benefits from sliding windows, high ceilings and a capped off chimney to ensure an airy, draught-free environment for all seasons.

Secure Wire Mesh Covered Chicken Coop Window Ventilation


Cleaning your Backyard Chicken Coop is a bok-bok-breeze. The cleaning tray slides out in with a removable 30mm deep steel tray insert allowing for easy cleaning with zero fuss. It’s common to have nasty ‘poo traps’ in other chicken coops and this can cause problems for you and your hens. We have ensured that these traps don’t exist during our design phase. Even the perches are removable! The end result is a well-designed chicken coop that is easy to clean and more hygienic. Try our All Natural Homemade Chicken Coop Cleaner or click here to download your free Easy Guide to Cleaning Your Backyard Chicken Coop.


Asphalt rubber roofing makes for a magnificent water barrier. We design our roofs to be oversized so the rain falls off and away from the chicken coop, keeping it dry and comfy for your chooks.


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Everything you need to construct your chicken coop is included and clearly labelled. Everything has been galvanised for longevity and durability. We are proud of our chicken coops, so every last bolt and screw has been built to last.

Assembly and Instructions

Every item in the box has been numbered and detailed instructions have been included so assembly of your coop is easy and stress free. All the holes have been pre-drilled, plus the locks, hinges, latches, wire mesh and doors are all complete. All you need is a power drill with a Phillips head bit plus an extra pair of hands – simply bolt the big panels together and screw the smaller parts on. Don’t worry! We’re here to help if you have any questions during assembly on live chat, on the phone or via carrier pigeon. Need more product info? Download the Mansion Product Brochure here.


We deliver Australia-wide and our new delivery prices are the cheapest ever! Our courier partners home deliver to 99% of our customers – out woop woop past the black stump is sometimes tricky, so you may need to pick it up from town or provide an alternative address. The best way to get a delivery price is to add all the items you like into your cart and during checkout it will calculate it exactly. Click here to grab a copy of our delivery and transit guide.

Imagine your backyard with a new, stylish, secure and durable chicken coop. You will be able to boast the best looking hen house in the neighbourhood. Plus, you will have the freshest, best tasting, most vibrant free range eggs around!

Our Chicken Help Guarantee

Need a friend who is a chicken genius? At Backyard Chicken Coops we wrangle poultry matters with both hands. Do you have a girl who has gone a little gloomy? Are the foundations of the pecking order beginning to crumble? Or do you simply need to know the difference between chicken crumble and pellets? Don’t let your burning chicken questions char on one side. Turn to us and we will be there to have a cluck about the best chook solutions for you. It's our after-sales guarantee to you.

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