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If you are getting started keeping up to 5 chickens, this pack has everything you need! Store your feed and bedding in airtight storage drums, with high quality, feed, plus a Free Range Feeder & Drinker, you will have happy egg laying hens in no time.

The Beginners Pack Includes:

Premium Hemp Bedding

  • 140L of organic, super absorbent Hemp Bedding for your nesting boxes and chicken run.
  • Your chooks will stay dry, comfortable and breath easy with this low dust bedding solution!

Free Range Feeder & Drinker

60L Storage Drum x 2

  • This handy Storage Drum can be used to store bedding, feed or anything else you need for your flock!

Chicken Feed Scoop x 2

  • An essential tool for any chicken keeper!

5kg Premium Lay Mash

  • This high quality Premium Lay Mash will be your flock’s primary source of nutrients. We only include the best chicken feed for better egg quantity AND quality!

3kg Cracked Corn

  • Cracked Corn is a delicious treat for your chickens that helps make their yolks bright and tasty!

Mealworm Treats

Hemp Bedding

  • One bale hemp bedding: 140 Litres 
  • Size:  70cm x 35cm x 30cm  
  • Weight: 14 kg

60L Storage Drum

  • 60 Litre Drum
  • 60cm x 30cm x 30cm
  • Roughly 2 kilograms when empty

Treadle Feeder & Drinker

  • Weight: 3kg

Chicken treadle feeder and drinker measurements

Premium Lay Mash

  • 5kg Bag

Cracked Corn

  • 3kg Bag

Mealworm Treats

  • 80g Packet


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