How long will delivery take once my order has been placed?

We use a number of delivery partners across Australia to ensure we can offer you the best delivery price and most secure service possible.

If your item is in stock, after placing an order we will get your order packed up and on a truck within 1-2 working days. From here, please refer to the below times for delivery to your area, which will be based on whether you choose our regular or express freight service. (Please be aware that these times are indicative, and we are at the mercy of our couriers when it comes delivery times)

Regular Courier Delivery Times:

  • QLD: 7-14 working days
  • NSW: 7-14 working days
  • VIC: 7-14 working days
  • ACT: 7-14 working days
  • SA: 7-14 working days
  • WA: 10-14 working days
  • TAS: 10-14 working days
  • NT: 10-14 working days

Express Courier Delivery Times:

  • QLD: 7-14 working days
  • NSW: 7-14 working days
  • VIC: 7-14 working days
  • ACT: 7-14 working days
  • SA: 7-14 working days
  • WA: 10-14 working days
  • TAS: 10-14 working days
  • NT: 10-14 working days

Regional areas, please allow an additional 3 business days to reach you, as some on-forwarding agencies only deliver twice a week.

Do I need to be home for the delivery?

No – we can organise an authority to leave the delivery, so you don’t need to be home and the courier will leave it in a safe place. If you would however prefer to be a sign for only, we can also arrange this.


What happens if I only receive some of my boxes?

We know you will be eggcited to receive your goods, but if your order seems to be delayed, or has arrived as a split order, please wait 24 hours as the courier is likely to deliver the remaining goods the following day.

However, if further delays occur, please contact us directly via phone or email and we will look after it for you! We have been doing this for many years and have a lot of experience dealing with couriers and will make sure everything is sorted promptly for you!


Payment Options

Layby! How does it work?

Want one of our coops, but can’t pay the full price upfront? We offer layby on all our coops, and are more than happy to work everything out for you!

  • Our lay-by service is available on any purchase and includes sale items above the value of $500 (unless exclusions apply)
  • A 5% minimum deposit is required
  • We will hold your goods up to 20 weeks (5 months)
  • Weekly, Fortnightly or Monthly payments are required, which we can set up as a direct deposit for you.
  • A cancelled layby will incur a cancellation fee. The cancellation fee will not exceed 10% of the initial layby value
  • The goods are all yours after the final payment has been received
  • If ordering online and wish to use lay-by, simply choose the ‘Lay-By’ option at checkout and follow the prompts

How do I pay with ZipPay?

ZipPay is a Buy Now, Pay Later solution making shopping easier for you:

  • Approval for up to $1000 in under 24 hours
  • Sign up in real-time – takes less than 1 minute.
  • No interest ever.
  • Only $40* minimum monthly repayments.
  • Up to 60 days no fees
  • If you have an outstanding balance after the first 60 days, there is an account maintenance fee of $6 per month.
    For example: if it takes you 12 months to pay back your order they would only attract $60 in fees ($6/month for 10 months + 2 months no fees)
  • If your transaction is over $1000, you can easily use your credit card to pay the additional amount at the checkout.
    (For example if your order total is $1199, you can use $1000 from ZipPay and put the balance of $199 on your credit card.

How do I pay with OpenPay?

We offer longer, more flexible terms, all easily managed through the Openpay App.

  • Choose from 3 months, 6 months, or 12 months
  • Sign-up online in less than 1 minute
  • Instant online approval up to $3000 
  • Repayments from as low as $30
  • Only a small deposit of 20% required
  • Interest Free
  • Easy payment management via OpenPay phone app

What do you need to get started?
Easy application with instant approval, all you need:
An email address and phone number
VISA or MasterCard (Debit OR Credit)
Today’s payment of a 20% deposit


Why Choose Openpay?

  • Used by over 4000 retailers across Australia
  • Anaconda, Bed R Us, Nissan, BMW, Mazda, Ford, Spotlight.
  • 200,000+ customers in Australia
  • In October 2017 OpenPay received $10 Million in equity funding
  • 25% of customers are repeat purchasers

How do I pay with ZipMoney?

  • 6 months interest free
  • Zero deposit
  • Online application process takes less than 3 minutes
  • Choose the appropriate credit limit of $1000, $2000 or $3000
  • Input your information and verify your identity through an SMS code
  • If approved, they will send you an activation link to your email address
  • Once you have made your online purchase you can set up your repayments monthly, fortnightly or weekly at whatever amount suits you (provided this is greater than the monthly minimum)
  • Click Here to learn more about ZipMoney

Auto Door help

How do I setup my Automatic Door Opener / Timer?

After you have purchased your Automatic Door opener you will be given access to your exclusive customer portal. Here you have access to both the written and video installation guides.


If you do have further issues, please do not hesitate to call us on 1300 763 133 or email us at [email protected] and we would be happy to help you out!

What is an Automatic Chicken Coop Door Opener / Timer?

An automatic chicken coop door opener is a battery operated device that attaches to your chicken coop and will automatically open and close the door based on the times you set.

For instance, you can set it to open your chicken coop door at sunrise to let your hens out and say 6pm to lock your hens up for the night.


General Chicken Keeping

What is a good breed of chicken for egg laying purposes?

Some great laying breeds are Rhode Island Reds, Isa Browns, Sussex & Australop we have all the info you will ever need to know here: http://www.backyardchickencoops.com.au/learning-centre/Breeds/


If I have dogs, can I still get chickens?

Absolutely! So many of our customers keep chickens and have dogs – in fact, havings pet dogs can be great protection for your flock! Search ‘dog’ in in our Learning Centre search bar to see more articles on this, or visit this link: http://www.backyardchickencoops.com.au/introducing-dogs-to-chickens

How many chickens can I keep?

Each local council will have different rules and regulations surrounding chicken keeping, and how many chickens you can keep. So it is best to check in with your local council before diving in!

Predator Proof Coops

Are timber or metal chicken coops best?

We have found that timber coops will ensure your chickens are happy and healthier,  as the timber acts as a natural insulator to keep the hens cool in summer, and warm in winter.

You can also really make the coop your own by painting the coop as you please to match your style!

What sort of security should my chicken coop have to stop predators from snakes and foxes?

We have done everything to make our chicken coops as predator proof as possible, by designing with a high quality kiln dried pine, strong galvanised wire mesh, and all proper locks and closes.

To keep predators from burrowing underneath the coop, we also strongly suggest putting the coop on a footing or base. Concrete slab, pavers, tiles, or our own wire mesh flooring will all serve as great options to help keep predators at bay.

If your area is known for sneaky predators, we also suggest taking extra means such as adding predator lights to your set up, and electric fencing.


What are your coops made out of?

All our coops are made with an A-grade pine, which has been kiln dried so it has a low moisture level.

The timber we use is also much thicker than most other varieties on the market – 30mm with 12mm cladding, to ensure it is strong enough to withstand Australia’s often unrelenting weather conditions.

We suggest you paint your coop using a high quality exterior house paint, which gives the coop surface protection against the harsh weather elements Australia often has! Be sure to check out all the wonderful creations from our customers on the testimonials page! When you order you will receive some great documentation on painting tips and tricks, and extra care guides for your coop :)

Coop Accessories

How do I attach the wires mesh flooring to my coop?

With the weight of our coops, you simply place the coop over the top. The mesh is cut wider than the perimeter of the coop to ensure it keeps out critters, but is still large enough to allow the chickens to peck and poke in between, and won’t do any harm to their delicate feet and claws.

What is hemp bedding?

Hemp bedding is one of our most popular chicken keeping products, and for good reason! It is an organic, highly absorbent alternative to inferior animal bedding options that can be harmful to your animals and damaging to the environment. It has a neutral odour and is also a natural pesticide, which will help deter mites, cockroaches and other creepy critters from your coop.

It is also much more comfortable for your chickens to nest on over other bedding products, so you can expect your chickens to be laying your eggs a plenty!

Refunds & Returns

Refund Policy

We are not required to provide a refund or replacement if you change your mind.

Backyard Chicken Coops have agreed that at any time within 15 days of the date of your purchase, we will happily exchange your goods or provide you with a full refund, however you will be responsible for all transportation costs. To be eligible for a return, your item must be unused and in the same condition that you received it. Your item must be in the original packaging.

There will be no exchange or refund for change of mind after the 15 days.

You can choose a refund or exchange if an item has a major problem. This is when the item:

  • has a problem that would have stopped someone from buying the item if they had known about it
    is unsafe
  • is significantly different from the sample or description
  • doesn’t do what we said it would, or what you asked for and can’t be easily fixed.

Alternatively, you can choose to keep the item and we will compensate you for any drop in value. If the problem is not major, we will repair the item within a reasonable time. If it is not repaired in a reasonable time you can choose a refund or replacement. Please keep your proof of purchase—e.g. your receipt.

Any cancellations of orders will incur a cancellation fee of 10% of the invoice value. This fee reflects administration and storage costs.

Backyard Chicken Coops shall set off this amount against any moneys already paid to us by the customer for this product, and refund the balance.


Do you offer an Assembly Service?

We are happy to offer an assembly service with purchase of any of our coops! We have partnered with Hire A Hubby, who can coordinate an assembly time to suit your needs, and take the stress out of getting your chicken coop put together – just sit back and let them do the dirty work!

There are a few conditions which are listed below:

a) The assembly service will not cover remote locations (you will need to check with us prior, whether we can service your area)

b) You must allow the installer 3-5 working days to place the install date with the customer

c) Location must be accessible and flat

d) This fee is solely for assembly. All other tasks will need to be worked out between yourself and the installer i.e. grass clearing, painting, site prep.


The prices for each coops are as follows:

Cluck House: $195

Taj Mahal: $195

Penthouse: $249

Mansion: $389

Mansion & Run: $479

Coop Care

Do I Need to Paint My Coop?

All of our coops come in a raw timber form, and with Australia’s often unrelenting weather conditions, it is a MUST that the coop is preserved.

We suggest painting the coop with a high quality exterior house paint (Dulux is preferred), and a good 2-3 coats is best. This will ensure the timber is well protected, and help increase the life of your coop.

When you purchase your coop, you will receive access to our online customer portal, which has a great care guide to help you prepare for your coop, and provide some tips and details when it comes to painting and caring for your coop in the long term.

Do I need to put my coop on a foundation?

When it comes to keeping your chickens safe, and any unwanted visitors out of your coop, we always suggest putting your coop on a base or footing, or using a flooring with your coop. This works to keep burrowing predators out of your coop, and will also give your coop a longer life by lifting it up off the ground and out of any moisture.

There are a number of different flooring options for your coop depending on how permanent you want it to be, and how much you wish to spend. Some of the most popular options are below:

  • Concrete Base
  • Wire Mesh Flooring
  • Pavers/Tiles
  • Timber Sleepers

Once you purchase a new Backyard Chicken Coop, you will gain access to our online customer portal which details how to best achieve each of these options, and you will also get access to foundations guides for each of our coops, to outline the measurements required for your purchased coop.