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Chook Feed Drum

60L heavy duty plastic drum with secure screw-on lid Keep your chicken feed dry, fresh and safe from pesky pests! Great for storing feed, hemp bedding or chicken treats! Secure screw-on lid and moisture seal insert Also sold as part of our Chicken Starter Kit Bedding bales and feed bags can be hard to keep fresh no matter the weather. Spoiled food and bedding can cause health issues for your chickens like respiratory illness, bumblefoot or tummy troubles. Throwing out feed and bedding wastes your hard earned money and time. Having a secure storage drum is your best solution. This 60L…

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Auto Door Opener

Hens will always wake up at sunrise and head off to bed at dusk; this routine is the same with all poultry. Whilst they enjoy this routine, we may not! Sometimes we would prefer to stay tucked up in bed for another 30 minutes, or we simply forget, or we are away for the weekend. Rather than getting up at dawn to let the girls out or relying on other people, our Automatic Door Opener is here to save your day; and the chickens! Your hens will get used to the exact re-occurring procedure of the Automatic Door Opener. It is…

Chicken Starter Kit

Our very popular start-up kit is designed to give you everything you need to keep happy and healthy hens. These kits are made up of only the highest quality products that we have sourced from suppliers we trust. We have bundled together all the things you need to get started, at wholesale prices, making each item cheaper than what you would pay in store, saving you both time and money. What is included: 12L HEMP bedding material 60L heavy duty plastic feed drum with screw lid  (keeps your chicken feed dry, fresh and safe from vermin) 5kg premium Lay Mash (this…

Free-range Chicken Feeder & Drinker

Stop feeding birds and pests! Feed only your chooks with our automatic treadle chicken feeder. Save money: Reduce food wastage by up to 75%. Keeps food dry Prevent Pests: Save valuable feed from rats, mice and birds Convenient: Holds 5kg of feed - Enough for 6 chickens for up 7 days Easy to use: Treadle feeder opens with only 500 grams of pressure. Most chooks learn to use it in a few days. Training guide included & comes FULLY ASSEMBLED. Fast Facts: Suitable for large chickens, small bantams and pheasants Made from long-lasting rust-proof aluminium Keeps feed clean & dry Holds…

chicken eating from feeder while free ranging
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Poultry Fencing

Available in 24m and 48m Lengths Also available in Electric Fencing Height 150 cm Includes: 12 x sturdy poles with steel spikes - easy install! Includes: 32 x pegs to secure it down to the ground Includes: 1 x gate for easy access Suitable for standard hens, or bantams, geese, turkeys etc Ideal for free ranging your backyard chickens Protect your gardens from foraging hens Colour: green 24m of our fencing is usually enough to keep your chooks out of your veggie garden, or off the back verandah, however if you need to cover a larger area you can double…

backyard chicken coops poultry fencing
$249$498 $199$378
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Poultry Electric Fencing

Free range time is important for keeping happy and healthy hens, but the threat of predators stops some chook keepers from letting their girls get out and about. Our electric poultry fencing is the perfect solution. This kit includes everything you need to deter predators like foxes from disturbing your free range chickens. No chickens? No worries! Our electric fencing is suitable for goats, pigs and sheep and livestock management on your property. FEATURES Lengths available: 25m or 50m of electric poultry fencing Modular - multiple lengths can be joined together Energiser works with up to 2km of fencing Sturdy poles -…

protect your chickens with backyard electric poultry fencing available in 25m or 50m thumbnail
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Wire Mesh Flooring

Our mesh floors are ideal for keeping out snakes, foxes and other predators. We use a heavy gauge 20mm x 20mm welded galvanized wire mesh which is cut to size for each individual chicken coop. We ensure it is cut 150mm longer and wider than the footprint of your coop so that it fits well, and adds an extra external barrier from persistent foxes or snakes. Your hens will not have any problems with our mesh floors. The mesh size is large enough for them to peck through for unsuspecting worms but small enough to prevent predators from digging under…

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Chicken Coop Shade Cloth

Backyard hens need a loving hand to help them keep their cool during harsh summers and chilly winters. Our range of Coop Shades is the most cost-effective, safe and environmentally friendly way to protect your precious flock from all of nature’s ups and downs. Help your feathered friends live in total comfort all year round with our range of Coop Shades - the #1 accessory for the Cluck House, Taj Mahal, Penthouse or Mansion chicken coop. Fast Facts: Keeps your chickens cool, calm and collected in summer - reduces the temperature inside the coop by 11°C and blocks 80% of…

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In Australia it’s only natural to expect extreme weather conditions, like heat waves, cyclones and flooding on a regular basis. Be sure that your chickens will be able to weather the storm and keep their cool during wild weather with proper insulation and roofing. Our range of made to fit Insulation Roofing is designed to keep your flock safe when Mother Nature turns up the heat. Simply place the strong, lightweight, UV resistant sheet over the top of your chicken run to protect from the harsh Australian climate. What you need to know about our Insulation Roofing: Sheets are made from a lightweight and high…

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Fresh Bedding Bundle

Keep your chickens' fluffy bottoms high and dry with our Fresh Bedding Bundle! Bundle includes: 140L of organic, super absorbent Hemp Bedding for your nesting boxes and chicken run. Large Storage Drum to securely store your bedding until you need it Hemp Bedding is neutral in odour and naturally pest repellent. Your chooks will stay dry, comfortable and breath easy with this low dust bedding solution! This fantastic animal bedding helps deter mites, cockroaches and other creepy critters from your coop, perfect for any chicken or animal lover who wants to keep their coop fresh and clean the easy way. Our…

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Did you know?

Did you know
  • Free-range hens lay eggs with; 2 times the omega 3's
  • 4-6 times more vitamin D
  • 3 times the vitamin E
  • 7 times more beta carotene 2/3 more vitamin A
  • 1/3 less cholesterol
  • 1/4 less saturated fat
  • PLUS they're guaranteed to taste better!
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