Compare Our Coops

Dear Valued Customer,

I'm glad you want to compare our coops, it means you want to make sure you're getting value for money. You've come to the right place so please allow me to share with you my decades of experience.

As you will already know, cheap materials and carpentry will never hold up in our Australian climate.

If there is ONE thing to take away, it's product weight. Check the weight of the product because in this market, it's amazing how many companies cut manufacturing corners to reduce cost. Cheap is never good - certainly not in this market. A coop should be an investment, not a throw away item.

Our coops are made of the very best materials available because we think of a coop purchase as an investment, not a throw-away. We also want all chooks in Australia to be happy and safe, so that means using the A-Grade extra thick timber that is hand selected, stainless steel hardware, M10 bolts, welded wire mesh that will prevent any predator from easily getting in, old school carpentry that guarantees strength, strategically design ventilation windows and chimneys - the list goes on and on. We even go down to the level of specific screw thread types to ensure everything fits firmly together and the spaces between the staples when we attach the mesh. Some would say we have an OCD...and we're proud of that.

We are also unique where we label every panel, label every bag of screws or bolts, include full colour instructions written by us, Youtube assembly videos for added support.

One of our many values is to treat customers like family, so we even split our coops into separate boxes knowing that you will need to no doubt accept the delivery at your front door and take it to the backyard...try doing that with a 200kg box. Then again, no coops on the market come anywhere near our weight or quality. Remember, in the chicken coop market, coop weight = strength & value for money.

All our coops are designed in house from top to bottom, so you can be sure it has every feature your chooks heart desires. But most importantly, we design for Australia chooks - everything is proper sized with no short cuts. 50mm round perches, not 25mm square pegs, deep and private nesting boxes, proper metal cleaning trays, security mesh, high quality sliding bolts - it really does keep going on and on.

We've learnt a thing or two over the 11 years and we have literally thousands of coops in Australian backyards - it's what we're most proud of. Nothing speaks quality and value for money better.

Please don't forget we're all poultry experts, so not only can we offer you the best advice, we will support you every step of the way in your chicken keeping journey.

We love our chooks and we truly treat our customers like family - it's what good ol' fashion business is all about - customer experience & happiness.

Kind Regards,


(Business Owner & Poultry Expert of 20+yrs)