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Keep your backyard chicken coop flock egg-ceptionally healthy inside and out! The Hen Health Kit is an essential accessory for any chicken keeper and includes tried and tested products that will prevent, protect and treat your chickens for common problems, parasites and pests like mites, lice and worms and boost their overall health. Have a peck at what’s included in your Hen Health Kit here.

Apple Cider Vinegar
Our range of Apple Cider Vinegar is unpasteurised which means it contains the mother vinegar, a rich source of enzymes, gut-friendly bacteria and natural acids. Just 1ml per chicken of Apple Cider Vinegar with water everyday can help boost your flock’s immune system, prevent mites, lice and worms, as well as improving their overall well being. Apple Cider Vinegar also makes an eggcellent natural cleaner and a powerful supplement for your own health. For all of the facts about Apple Cider Vinegar just click here.

Diatomaceous Earth
In an eggshell, Diatomaceous Earth is essentially finely ground and processed fossilized algae. Odd though it may seem, fossilized algae, often referred to as diatoms, contain a highly beneficial chemical compound called silica, which has a whole array of benefits for your poultry’s health; from treating worms to eradicating mites and lice. This happens because the diatoms are essentially very fine, sharp and abrasive particles that eliminate parasites by drying out the natural oils and fats on their exoskeletons, which causes them to shrivel up and perish relatively quickly. Using Diatomaceous Earth is easy – simply mix it in with the chicken feed, sprinkle it around the coop or turn it through wherever they dust bathe – it’s versatile, harmless and oh-so effective. For all of the facts about Diatomaceous Earth just click here.

Inca Pestene Insect Powder
Inca Pestene Insect Powder is a highly effective health product that eliminates all traces of mites and lice normally within 5 days. Simply apply the product to key areas around the neck, breast, vent and under the wings, ensuring that the powder seeps under the feathers, getting as close to the skin as possible. Inca Pestene Insect Powder is primarily a mixture of sulphur and rotenone that together helps to exterminate and repel many different types of pests. Ensure that you carefully read the safety instructions before using this powder. For more information about mites and lice simply click here.

Wormout Gel
Diatomaceous Earth and Apple Cider Vinegar are great for preventing pests however most chicken lovers will experience an outbreak of worms in their flock at one time or another. Wormout Gel is our preferred choice of worming medication due to its proven track record of safe and reliable treatment. Simply mix a small amount of the solution into your flock’s water supply and let the worm fighting chemical combination of Oxfendazole and Praziquantel do the rest. It’s recommended that you abstain from eating your flock’s eggs for a fortnight after treatment. Ensure that you carefully read the instructions before beginning your course of treatment. For more information about worming your chickens simply click here.

Iodine Solution
Pecking order disputes are an inevitable, natural and sometimes challenging aspect of keeping backyard chickens. Every now and then your girls will get a little wild and one of your feathered friends might get hurt. Our Iodine Solution is the perfect way to treat any exposed scabs, scratches and wounds, which can attract even more unwanted attention from curious chooks who like to stick their beaks where they don’t belong. This Iodine Solution acts as an antiseptic that will clean the wound and help accelerate the healing process, as well as deterring any pokey and pecky chickens from picking the wound, because, quite frankly, this wonderful remedy tastes awful on their beaks. Ensure that you carefully read the instructions before use. For more information about pecking order disputes simply click here.

  • Apple Cider Vinegar - 2 litres
  • Diatomaceous Earth - 4 kilograms
  • Pestene Powder - 500 grams
  • Wormout Gel - 100 millilitres
  • Iodine Solution - 500 millilitres

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  • 2 litres of Apple Cider Vinegar
  • 4 kilograms of Diatomaceous Earth
  • 500 grams Pestene Powder
  • 100ml Wormout Gel
  • 500ml Iodine Solution
  • 2 litres of Apple Cider Vinegar - pop it in your chickens water each day for an all over health boost!
  • 4 kilograms of Diatomaceous Earth - dust in on your chickens, chicken coop and in your nesting boxes to keep any pests and parasites at bay!
  • 500 grams Pestene Powder - apply to chickens if an instance of lice or mites should arise!
  • 100ml Wormout Gel - used to treat chickens in the instance of worm infestations
  • 500ml Iodine Solution - used to help treat and heal scratches, scabs and open wounds
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