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Chicken Coop Shade Cloth

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Backyard hens need a loving hand to help them keep their cool during harsh summers and chilly winters. Our range of Coop Shades is the most cost-effective, safe and environmentally friendly way to protect your precious flock from all of nature’s ups and downs. Help your feathered friends live in total comfort all year round with our range of Coop Shades – the #1 accessory for the Taj Mahal, Penthouse or Mansion chicken coop.

Fast Facts:

  • Keeps your chickens cool, calm and collected in summer – reduces the temperature inside the coop by 11°C and blocks 80% of harsh UV rays, so they can forage inside the run in perfect comfort.
  • Protects your chooks from winter’s chill – helps guard your flock against cold winds, frosty storms and even snow.
  • Hide your flock from prying eyes – daytime and nocturnal predators will struggle to spot your chickens behind our Coop Shades.
  • High quality materials that are manufactured to last – all of our shade mesh comes with a 2 years warranty.
  • Sweat free installation – designed to perfectly fit our range of chicken coops, so setup will just take minutes.
  • A breeze to clean – simply detach and rinse off with the garden hose in a matter of moments.

Protect Your Flock From Nature’s Ups And Downs All Year Round
Chickens can have a hard time dealing with excessive heat in the height of summer and blustery cold conditions in the middle of winter. Coop Shades allow your chickens to peck and forage in a safe and shaded environment in the middle of summer without breaking a sweat. In winter, your hens need to be protected from chilly winds. Expecting a snowfall? Just drop the shade mesh into place to prevent the run from filling up with snow, so coop life can return to normal. Shade mesh is the perfect solution for making sure your chooks are cool, comfortable and protected all year round.

Hide Your Chickens From Any Prying Eyes

Predators will have a harder time seeing your hens when the Coop Shades are in place. Our range of Coop Shades essentially add a visual barrier between your flock and any potential predators, day or night. Coop Shades also add yet another layer of defense between your flock and any nasty predators on top of the galvanised wire mesh. Whether you’re guarding your chickens from the sun, cold or potential predators, your flock will always feel safe behind our range of Coop Shades.

Never Break A Sweat With Coop Shades

A breeze to attach, Coop Shades come with reversible cable ties to secure them in place. No shade needed? No problem! The Coop Shades neatly and discreetly roll up using Velcro straps giving you a clear view of your hens. High quality materials and production make Coop Shades the best choice for your flock. Aluminum eyelets, strong shade material and secure hems means there is no chance of fraying and tearing from normal use. Cleaning is also a breeze, just simply hose any unsightly messes away and reattach to the coop to dry.

Purchasing a new Backyard Chicken Coop? We rank the Coop Shades as the #1 accessory to add to your order! Give your ladies as much fun in the sunshine and as much protection from the elements as you possibly can!

Our Chicken Help Guarantee

Need a friend who is a chicken genius? At Backyard Chicken Coops we wrangle poultry matters with both hands. Do you have a girl who has gone a little gloomy? Are the foundations of the pecking order beginning to crumble? Or do you simply need to know the difference between chicken crumble and pellets? Don’t let your burning chicken questions char on one side. Turn to us and we will be there to have a cluck about the best chook solutions for you. It's our after-sales guarantee to you.

Chicken Coop Shade Cloth

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Optional Extras

Nothing is too good for your girls! Treat your chickens right with these Optional Extras, specifically designed to suit our coops!

Free-range Chicken Feeder

Stop feeding birds and pests! Feed only your chooks with our treadle chicken feeder. Save money: Reduce food wastage by up to 75%. Keeps food dry Prevent Pests: Save valuable feed from rats, mice and birds Convenient: Holds 5kg…

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Treadle Chicken Feeder

Auto Door Opener

Our battery operated Automatic Door Opener gives you the ability to set the open and close times you want! With a 2 year warranty, our door will save you from getting out of bed at 6am on a Saturday to let your hens out; or more importantly if you are away, peace of mind that your hens will always be safe and happy. It’s not until you have one that you wonder how you ever managed without it!…


Chicken Starter Kit

This is the perfect kit if you are first time chicken owners. We have scoured everything at wholesale prices, making it extremely cost effective for you compared to buying everything individually. It includes a 60L heavy duty air tight plastic drum, premium lay mash, auto feeder, auto drinker, shell grit, cracked corn, scoops, straw and a book on How to Keep Pet Chickens which is great for kids…

backyard chicken starter kit

Fresh Bedding Bundle

Keep your chickens’ fluffy bottoms high and dry with our Fresh Bedding Bundle! Bundle includes: 140L of organic, super absorbent Hemp Bedding for your nesting boxes and chicken run. Large Storage Drum to securely store your bedding until…

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fresh bedding bundle thumbnail

Chicken Coop Shade Cloth

LIMITED STOCK! ORDER NOW!   Backyard hens need a loving hand to help them keep their cool during harsh summers and chilly winters. Our range of Coop Shades is the most cost-effective, safe and environmentally friendly way to…

$99$249 $89$224 More InfoMore Info Buy NowBuy Now
outdoor chicken coop shade cloth thumbnail

Chook Feed Drum

60L heavy duty plastic drum with secure screw-on lid Keep your chicken feed dry, fresh and safe from pesky pests! Great for storing feed, hemp bedding or chicken treats! Secure screw-on lid and moisture seal insert Also sold as…

$69$268 $50$149 More InfoMore Info Buy NowBuy Now
60L chook feed drum

Wire Mesh Flooring

Any feathery friend is subject to predators such as snakes, foxes, birds, dogs and quolls. Proven to work well, we can provide you with a galvanised wire mesh flooring solution to stop those pesky critters from getting to your girls!…

$30$100 More InfoMore Info Buy NowBuy Now

Predator Light

Made in the USA, this smart sensor LED battery operated light provides eggcellent light when going to your chicken coop at night or during those dark winter mornings; it is also great to deter predators…


Poultry Fencing

Available in 24m and 48m Lengths Also available in 50m Electrified Height 150 cm Includes: 12 x sturdy poles with steel spikes – easy install! Includes: 32 x pegs to secure it down to the ground Includes: 1…

$249$749 $199$575 More InfoMore Info Buy NowBuy Now

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Did you know?

Did you know
  • Free-range hens lay eggs with; 2 times the omega 3’s
  • 4-6 times more vitamin D
  • 3 times the vitamin E
  • 7 times more beta carotene 2/3 more vitamin A
  • 1/3 less cholesterol
  • 1/4 less saturated fat PLUS they’re guaranteed to taste better!.
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