The Taj Mahal

  • Suits 2 - 5 hens
  • On wheels & easy to move


The Penthouse

  • Most popular for 2 - 10 hens
  • Hutch +3.6m of run space


The Mansion

The Mansion Chicken Coop can house up to 20 chickens.
  • Suits 2 - 20 hens
  • Walk inside


The Mansion Run

The Mansion Chicken Run attaches to the Mansion Backyard Chicken Coop.
  • Mansion Coop Extension Run
  • Create a true Mansion


The Cluck House

cluck house coop for chickens
  • Ideal for bantams and chicks
  • Safe, affordable & on wheels
winter warmers outdoor mansion chicken coop and run thumbnail
  • Walk in coop and run!
  • Free delivery!*
winter warmers outdoor mansion chicken coop and double run thumbnail
  • The ultimate coop for comfy chooks!
  • Free delivery!*
winter warmers outdoor penthouse chicken coop
  • Our most popular coop!
  • Save over $218!
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