Getting Started

Hi, I’m Kassandra, the founder of Backyard Chicken Coops. I’ve kept chooks all of my life and I believe that everyone should experience keeping chickens at some point in their life.

As adults we can remember the moment, we first held a baby chick, and that is a memory we want for our kids too! As with all pets, it is a commitment, but chickens are one of the easiest and self-sufficient pets you can have, plus they gift you with delicious and nutritious free-range eggs!

By the time you get to the end of this page in just a few minutes, you will have learnt everything you need to know about keeping backyard chickens as pets! 

Top 8 Reasons to Keep Chickens

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  • Some Hens Lay up to 300 Eggs a Year
  • Funny & Affectionate Personalities
  • Educational & Fun For Kids!
  • Fertilise a 4.5 Square Metre Garden In a Month
  • Chicken Names
  • Over 40 Breeds To Choose From
  • Free Range Eggs Are More Nutritious
  • Backyard Chicken Eggs Taste Better

What will I need?

Firstly, calculate the number of eggs you want per week, or chickens you think you may want to keep using the calculator below.

Top 10 Beginner Questions

  • How many eggs will I get a week?

    This varies depending on the breed of chicken and the season. Chickens generally lay an egg every 24 hours. Bantam hens (cute and petite) often produce less legs than a standard hen, but make up for it in their abundant cute and cuddliness.

  • Which breed of chicken lays the best eggs?

    Well, all chickens lay great eggs, it is simply frequency and size that differ between the breeds. Some of the most popular chicken breeds for size, frequency and taste are: Australorp, Rhode Island Red, Leghorn, Sussex, Plymouth Rock.

  • How much space do I need?

    Misconception is that you need a lot of space, actually we recommend starting with just 3-5 hens which easily kept on a for a standard sized residential backyard (~600m²).

  • What do I feed them?

    That’s easy! They crave the table scraps & fridge contents you no longer love. Fresh herbs, all leafy greens, pumpkin, carrot, warm oats in winter, fresh berries & ice in summer, they love it all!

  • Are chickens good pets for kids?

    Kids absolutely love keeping chickens. They will remember it for their whole lives. Chickens are safe and won't hurt your children.

  • Are they easy to look after? Are they ok if we go away?

    These little guys are actually pretty self-sufficient! As long as they have access to plenty of fresh water and food, and a secure coop they will be fine ☺

  • Chicken health; what do I need to know?

    Easy! Wormer in water, Balanced diet, & lots of love!

  • How much cleaning is required?

    Like any pet, the chicken coop needs some weekly attention. Using our premium hemp bedding and a scoop, simply slide out the trays, scoop up the poop and freshen up with a new layer of bedding. Monthly or quarterly use our coop cleaning kit to freshen everything up.

  • Does council allow chickens in my area?

    Absolutely, check out our post code calculator below.

  • Where do I buy chickens?

    We can source them for you!


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Councils Rules

Most councils in Australia allow chickens, but to be sure, enter your postcode to find out.

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