About the owner

Hi, I'm Sandra (Mother-hen) here at Backyard Chicken Coops. To me, customers are like family, and it's been my guide since I started this business over 10 years ago. Always treat a customer like family and you will have a customer for life. 

I started this business because I knew I could make a huge difference in the quality of homes for chickens. I already had years of experience growing up on a farm and it was the chickens that got most of my attention. Since then my husband and I have been designing from scratch with the very best available materials, while still keeping things affordable for the average Australian household. 

We love every day - we get to talk to new chicken keepers with big smiles on their faces every day; nothing is more rewarding and exciting.

I urge you to consider the idea of keeping chickens, whether you're our customer or not; we will still help and guide you. Give it a try! You will thank me for it one day. 

Kindest Regards,
Sandra (Owner)


Who we are

We are Backyard Chicken Coops, a little family of chicken experts who want to give all Australians the best experience of owning chooks.

What we do

We design and build a range of high-quality houses for chickens – some large, some small – for delivery to every postcode in Australia, together with a hand selected range of poultry accessories.

How we do it

Through our website, where we guide curious newbies and seasoned chicken owners through the steps to select a new coop that’s perfect for them.

Through social media, where we entertain and inform, connecting a community of chicken fans eager to swap stories and show off their unique pets.

Through our online learning centre, where readers can browse hundreds of articles and even ask a real poultry expert for advice.

Why we do it

We believe that every person in Australia should experience the joy of keeping chickens. They’re good for your diet, your garden, your kids, and your mental health. Why not get a chook at your place?

What makes us different

We are passionate about quality: quality of design and materials, quality of life for the chickens, and quality of customer experience.

Other operators in the market seem to prioritise manufacturing a product to meet a low price points, rather than the longevity or aesthetics of the coop - let alone the comfort of the chickens forced to live in them. For us, it’s about the highest value – not the lowest price.


Our Values

Love the animals. 

Animals and people belong together. It improves things on both sides. We keep looking for ways to make it easier for people to get animal into their lives and celebrate the good things that are born from it. It’s not anything as mundane as running a pet supply business: we zoom out to take the most holistic view we can, and ask “What else can we do to enrich the lives animals and humans have together?”

Keep reaching for quality. 

If we’re going to do this for a living, we’re going to do it in the best way we can. The quest for quality should saturate everything we do: we should be restless in trying to push the boundaries in its pursuit. Forget everything you think you know about the pet industry; we want to challenge, delight and improve.

Build the communities. 

We want to connect the people who share our passion with one another. We’re the one tribe, scattered across all of Australia – and BYCC can be the hub at the centre - a meeting place, a repository of knowledge and a gallery of ideas.

Life is better with chickens!