Hemp Nesting Box Bedding

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Hemp Bedding is a natural, highly absorbent and superior choice to other animal bedding options, which can be harmful to your animals and damaging to the environment. It has a neutral odour and is also natural pest repellent to help deter poultry pests and parasites from your coop, hutch and backyard. Hemp animal bedding is perfect for any chicken keeper and animal lover that wants to keep their coop fresh and clean, without having to change the bedding so often.

  • customer testimonial about adding fresh lavender to hemp bedding

How long will Hemp Bedding last?

Where you are using it, and how many chickens you keep will determine how long your Hemp Bedding will last.

  • One bale hemp bedding: 140 Litres 
  • Size:  70cm x 35cm x 30cm  

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Where you are using it, and how many chickens you keep will determine how long your Hemp Bedding will last. 

  • 3 Chickens = approx 6 months.
  • 6 Chickens = approx 4 months. 
  • 8 Chickens = approx 3 months.

We suggest using it in the nesting boxes (most important), on cleaning trays or under their roosting perches (makes for easy cleaning) and also in their chicken run. 

Where it can be used knows no bounds - it can be put on cleaning trays, nesting boxes and as a flooring in your coop and in your run. As it is a natural product, it can be thrown directly onto your garden and it can also be used for other family members such as rabbits, guinea pigs, and other fowl. 

Think of this more like cat litter, simply scoop the poop as frequently as you need to (depending on the number of chooks you have, this may be weekly and top up with a few scoops of fresh bedding. This stuff works! You won’t be out there changing it frequently like you would have to with straw. 

Hemp Bedding is made from the stalk or “hurd” of the cannabis plant, which is mulched down into a kind of straw-like texture that is soft, absorbent and natural.

Hemp is an extremely versatile plant that has been used since ancient times for a variety of reasons- from textiles, to insulation, to rope, just to name a few. It’s a durable plant with a natural inbuilt pesticide that makes it especially easy to grow without relying upon artificial insect repellents or synthetic fertilisers.

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