Chickens For Sale

First time chicken keepers (and even seasoned ones!) often have difficulty tracking down the right chickens for their flock. Some of us want to look for chickens with certain attributes - such as a specific breed, a certain age (point-of-lay, pullet, baby chickens), and of course how far away we need to travel to pick them up!

Exciting news, we have launched a new service where we will find your chickens. No matter where you live, we probably have a breeder near you. Let us know which breed, colour, age you want and we will get on to it. Note it can take anywhere from a few hours to a few weeks depending on your request (and time of year). 

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Some of us might be happy just to take whatever kind of chickens are close to us. If that's the case, you can do a postcode search which will bring up all the ads in your region, from closest to furthest. You can even see how many kilometres away the breeder is from your postcode.

What you can search for

If you want to narrow it down further, there are lots of different things you can specify, to make the search as broad or as narrow as you like. The categories include:

  • Vaccinated- search for birds that have been vaccinated against disease

  • Fertile eggs- search for soon-to-be baby chicks if you're interested in hatching

  • Point-of-lay-“ search for birds of this very popular age, (as its when the hens start laying of course!)

  • Check out our range of chicken breeds for sale to see more search options!