Taj Mahal Giveaway Winner 2016

Lovely words from our Taj Mahal Giveaway winner Amaya, Adam, Jasper and their lucky rescue chicken Bhaagy! We think the coop went to a very worthy chicken and can't wait to see her flourish in her new happy hen home! Congratulations Bhaagy and Amaya! Taj Mahal backyard chicken coop giveaway 2016 "Last Tuesday I rescued an Isa Brown chicken from factory farming AND won the Taj Mahal from Backyard Chicken Coops! It arrived flat pack on Friday with over $900 worth of "eggstra" goodies including a chicken swing and lots of food and bedding. The weekend saw me oil to seal and protect the coop.  Yesterday my husband, Adam, cleared the perfect spot to put the coop, with help from Jasper and today the big effort of the build! This afternoon our lucky chook Bhaagy-which means luck- took her very first dust bath in the sun in her new house! Everyone is happy with our efforts today. Obviously we couldn't have done it without Backyard Chicken Coops. Providing us the coop plus the extras totalling over $1500, the information on how to get started as well as breed info on our first chicken! Go and check them out of you are thinking about suburban or urban chicken-owning, they are a great source of inspiration! Thankyou Thankyou Thankyou!"  Taj Mahal backyard chicken coop giveaway 2016 Taj Mahal backyard chicken coop giveaway 2016 Do you have a happy hen or few who would like a new home? Head on over to our Chicken Coop range and have a sticky beak! Or call us on 1300 763 133 and chat about chooks!