Customer Testimonials

  • I never realised just how fun and relaxing keeping chickens could really be. The eggs are amazing!

    Linda, Orange NSW

  • My kids are wrapped with the chickens and now my husband and I are obsessed haha! So much personality. Thank you also for your excellent after sale support. 

    Macdade Family, Kyogle NSW

Why do you love your chickens?

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Frequently Asked Questions

4 is a great starting number or 1 per family member.

Isa Browns and Rhode Island Reds are excellent layers. Silkie bantams are so cute and perfect for kids. Australorpes and Sussex are also amazing. Visit our Chickens For Sale page for more breeds. 

Very safe. Hens will never cause any harm to your kids. We don't recommend keeping roosters, they can be bossy.

Not at all. They make some quite chatter amongst themselves and let you know when they lay an egg. 

Almost anything. Mostly they eat lay mash which is a balanced diet of seeds and grains that you buy from your local pet store or us. You can then supplement with table scraps. 

Yes, you dont need much room. Of course the more room the better. Just ask us for advice.

Simple click on 'Calculate Freight' on any product and it will tell you exactly the cheapest price delivered to your door. 

Yes! We are available 7 days a week for any support you need. We're obsessed with chickens so we never say no.