We offer a poultry sourcing service Australia wide. How does it work?

  1. You add the breed & number of chickens to your cart along with your other items. 
  2. If your cart value reaches $100, the chicken sourcing service is complementary and our team will contact our Australia wide network of quality breeders to source your chickens. 
  3. Once we find them, you pickup & pay the local breeder for the chickens.

Subject to availability, your location and the rarity of the breed/colour you want. Don't worry though, we're very good at finding poultry Australia wide. In fact we love doing it.

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Sebright chickens are unique and exotic looking ladies with sweet temperaments and a penchant for curiosity. In the early 1800s Sir John Sebright – a member of the British Parliament and avid animal keeper – set out to create his vision of the perfect chicken. The resulting fantastically feathered fowl was the Sebright bantam and these small but perfectly formed birds became popular with highfalutin poultry fanciers across the British isles and beyond. Sir John took the formula for creating the Sebright breed to his grave, but it is rumored that they were developed from a mix of the Polish, Nankin and Hamburg breeds of chicken. These rare and individual birds can be hard to find, but once you’ve owned a Sebright chicken, you’ll forever be changed. Curious to know why we find Sebrights so alluring? Read on for our 5 reasons to love these unique and uncompromising hens.  


Is this service free?
If the value of the items in your cart is over $100, the sourcing service is complementary. We offer feed, bedding, health products and more: Note, the cost of the chickens is not included in the $100 limit.

How long does it take?
From 24 hours to a few weeks, depending on the rarity of the breed, your location and the time of year. We keep you updated during the process (Order Received > Sourcing > Found > Complete)

Can I have them delivered?
It is likely your breeder can coordinate this for you. Once we put you in contact with them you can simply ask.  

I want a breed you don’t have listed?
Unfortunately, our network of breeders specialise in the chickens we have listed and some are extremely rare and can take months to locate. If you have a very special breed that you must have, contact us for more information - we love a good challenge every so often. 

What breed is best for kids?
All chickens when handled and cared for are friendly, but there are some breeds that tend to be just a little more ideal for kids. Our top recommendations are, Plymouth Rock, Isa Brown, Australorps, Wyandotte and if you are ok with smaller less frequent eggs, then bantams are our top pick as they are the perfect mix of easy to keep, cute and fabulous personalities.. We love Bantma Silkies, Pekins, and Cochins.

How does it work?
Spend over $100 with us an have access to free chicken sourcing. We will use our networks, across Australia  

What breed should I get for the best eggs?
All hens lay eggs, but the best and most consistent layers are Isa Browns, Rhode Island Red and Sussex. 

Can I buy fertilized eggs?
Only in certain times of the year, so currently we cannot offer this.