5 Reasons To Love Minorca Chickens

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Last Updated: 18 July 2020

Minorca chickens are graceful and energetic senoritas that share their name with a beautiful island off the west coast of Spain. Adopted by the British in the late 18th century these sleek ladies with spicy personalities were hugely popular for approximately 100 years before being trumped by hybrid breeds and other more prolific laying hens in the later 20th century. Now on the verge of extinction, these truly remarkable ladies deserve to have their names up in lights in backyard coops all over the world! Though Minorca chooks really need no explanation, please read the top 5 reasons we love these eggceptionally enticing egg-laying wonders.

Minorca chickens in backyard

Enormous Chalky-White Eggs

Some Chicken Ladies and Lads like their eggs big, bold and beautiful. Who could resist pingpong ball sized yolks skinny dipping in egg white...? Not any egg lover I know. Minorca chickens are the perfect chook for anyone looking for hearty eggs that are simply larger than your average backyard bounty. These gifted girls tend to lay around 170 to 220 ghostly white eggs per year and can normally sustain their cackleberry output throughout the cooler winter months - how eggstraordinary! These Spanish darlings used to lay more prolifically however due to selective breeding designed to highlight certain features, such as their distinctive alabaster earlobes, this sadly resulted in a decline in their average yearly egg count.

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Everyone Looks Great In Soft Black Feathers

Let’s be honest, Minorca chickens are simply a 10 out of 10 in the looks department. Their slender bodies slice through the air as they leap across the chicken run like a company of fleet footed ballerinas. Though sometimes available with white or blue plumage these Spanish princesses look best in daring black! Like iconic fashionistas Coco Chanel or Audrey Hepburn, Minorca chickens know that every woman looks best in something short, black and sassy. Even when these well-polished chooks take a dip in the dust bath, they always carry themselves with an air of poise, class and sophistication. Bring a little glamour to your backyard and see if there are some Minorca chickens for sale in your local area.

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Red-Faces For Rosy Ladies

Some people call Minorcas the ‘red faced black chicken’ however this breed originally had a glowing white complexion. Due to selective breeding Minorcas now have cheery rosy red faces however their earlobes still remain as pale as their previously white faces. Many chicken lovers absolutely adore their strawberry tinted skin and big, bright and glowing eyes that could melt the heart of even the most hardened poultry cynic. These sweet ladies are also as kind as they are cute. Friendly, social and playful by nature, these chipper chooks will be a ray of sunshine in your backyard at the end of every working day.

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Spanish Conquistadors

Adventurous in nature Minorca chickens prefer the great outdoors to the numbing boredom of coop life. These independent women prefer to freely explore the rolling hills of their backyards and stick their beaks into all kinds of mischief! Passionate, curious and athletic, these girls long to feel the pulse of life pump through their veins. Though they can be contained in a spacious run, these delightfully defiant chooks will fly as high as two meters to escape capture, if they feel as though there is something more for them beyond the coop. However, if a chook lover is able to provide them with a large backyard for them to freely explore and a safe coop to return to at the end of each day, then Minorca chickens will be their loyal companions for years to come.

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Made To Handle The Heat

Not many chickens can claim that they originate from a beautiful island town however Minorcas have every right to brag. Though there is some hearsay that Minorca chickens in fact originate from Africa or in Italy during ancient Roman times, there is no denying that these tropical ladies had a long stint on a Spanish island. That’s why these sunny chooks can handle the heat when the temperature really starts to rise. If you’re looking for a warm blooded woman that can take a hot climate in her stride than you simply must consider keeping Minorca chickens in your backyard. These red faced girls love to lounge out in the run while munching on a few mealworms and sipping on an

apple cider vinegar

cocktail. Don’t struggle in the heat, get a couple of girlfriends to teach you how to live summer right.


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Cute, lively, graceful, hardy and huge egg layers - what more could you want from a chicken? Seriously! Minorcas deserve to live in backyards for centuries to come. Make sure you take a stand and invite a few Minorca chickens into your flock. Don’t allow these eggstraordinary creatures to be erased from the pages of history. Remember, chickens with this much personality need a coop with character. Move your magnificent Minorcas into the magical Mansion, perfect Penthouse or terrific Taj Mahal as soon as possible.

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