Poultry Nesting Boxes - The Facts

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Last Updated: 02 September 2020

Silkie chicken in mansion backyard chicken coop nesting box

It’s morning! Time to peek inside those poultry nesting boxes and gather all the egg-ceptionally fresh eggs! This is truly the most egg-citing part of keeping chickens. Makes no matter that we do it daily, and then some- nothing compares to stepping up to the poultry nesting boxes, peering inside, and holding in your hands, your precious hens’ beautiful bounty. Such are the joys of a backyard chicken keeper.

Poultry nesting boxes are essential to the hen’s egg laying process. Now, although hens can and do lay their eggs elsewhere, especially if your chooks free range, a hen’s natural inclination is to seek out a cozy, comfortable  and  private egg-laying sanctuary. In the wild, most bird species instinctively build nests for the sole purpose of sheltering their eggs through incubation, hatching and consequently, the raising of their young. By providing poultry laying boxes, we as chicken keepers can provide the most natural environment possible for our clucky feathered charges. Not only will your chooks be happier and healthier, but they will not incur any added stress due to the fact that they cannot find “just the right spot” in which to lay their egg. Hence, the need for poultry nesting boxes.

The folks at Backyard Chicken Coops know chickens and put that know-how to work when they equip their coops with poultry laying boxes that encourage laying. The coop poultry nesting boxes are even located low enough on the outside of the coop so your children can help collect eggs and they’re equipped with exterior lifting lids, removable cleaning trays, are slightly elevated and are just the right size for, wait for it…sharing! Hens simply love to share their favorite egg-laying haunts.  For egg-sample, the Penthouse Coop houses up to eight chickens and is outfitted with three poultry nesting boxes. Since hens normally lay their eggs anywhere from sun up to late afternoon, this gives eight hens ample time to visit an available laying box. As a result, three nesting boxes are sufficient, not to mention the fact that you will regularly find a couple feathered friends sharing a nest and catching up on the latest gossip around the coop.

Remember to regularly check for possible messes in the poultry nesting boxes- clean nesting boxes = cleaner eggs! Some chicken keepers even add fragrant hen-safe herbs to the nesting box bedding which not only provide a nice aroma, but serve to keep parasites, lice, and other pests at bay. Of course, the easiest way to keep your chooks’ bounty from becoming soiled is to collect the eggs from the poultry nesting boxes a few times a day.

Make your own laying boxes!

There are several cheap and easy ways to make your own nesting boxes for your ladies to lay in. You can also be creative with what you add to your nesting boxes! Here are some of the materials you can use to create you own on a budget:

  • Wooden Pallet
  • Metal Wash Bin
  • Plastic Storage Bin
  • Kitty Litter Box
  • Milk Crates
  • Old Dresser Drawers
  • Laid down wooden barrel 

Collecting fresh eggs is one of the biggest benefits of keeping chickens. Nothing beats having home-laid eggs in the house for delicious meals and baking treats. However, in order to get a frequent, fresh supply of eggs, keepers need to look after the chickens that lay them. There can be multiple issues that are stopping your ladies from laying which is stressful for them and for you!

Don’t worry though – the eggsperts at Chickenpedia have cracked it! They have created the Eggs in Your Basket course to help you, help your ladies lay successfully. Discover crucial information to keep your chickens happy, healthy, and frequent layers. All your egg questions will be answered in this extensive course.

From double yolkers, to soft shells, no eggs, to odd eggs, Chickenpedia cover it all! Check out their great beginner-friendly courses today. 

And, as usual, the folks at Backyard Chicken Coops don’t rest until they are able to give you the absolute best in coop accessories! Enter, the egg-cellent Roll Away Nesting Box Insert! With the addition of this innovative egg-stra in your poultry nesting boxes, life as you know it just got a whole lot easier! Your chickens will no longer be tempted to taste the fruits of their labor as their eggs will just roll away down the chute! So, your pretty poultry nesting boxes will sport less trampling, less eating, less mess! Yahoo!

So, if you’ll soon be raising a small backyard flock of chickens, currently have some young-ens, or are in the market for a new coop for your chooks, stop by Backyard Chicken Coops, the designers of poultry nesting boxes fit for queens, hen queens, that is!


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