Why You Should Clean Your Coop This Weekend

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Kassandra Smith

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Last Updated: 21 July 2020


I know what you’re thinking: ‘it’s been a hard week, work was exhausting and I just don’t have the gumption to clean that chicken coop this weekend’. Believe me, I do understand, but I assure you that there are many benefits to cleaning your coop sooner rather than later. So, after you’ve had a tasty breakfast (eggs of course), enjoyed your morning cup of coffee and had a gasbag with a partner or a friend, it’s time to get into your yard gear, march into your backyard and clean that coop!

It’s easier to clean a coop than it is to clean your chicken

Though cleaning your coop can be a tiring and occasionally smelly job, let me assure you that it is a lot easier than cleaning your chickens. Why do I mention this? Well, cleaning your coop is one of the best ways you can combat mites, which may be squandering their powers deep within the cavities of the coop. Mites find entry into your coop usually by hitching a ride on other birds like magpies, pigeons or whatever other feathery cousins you have hanging out in your backyard. They normally lay dormant for a time, amassing steadily, ready to start nibbling, biting and crunching at the flesh of your poor chooks- who are totally oblivious to their evil schemes! Inevitably, if mites are left to their own devices, they will take a hold of your poor chickens causing them grave distress. In this case, your only choice will be to give your coop a deep clean anyway, and you’ll also need to treat your woebegone chickens to a soothing bath, maybe several, to help combat the mites that are laying siege upon their skin.

Do not despair, succumbing to the torments of mites does not have to become the fate of your beautiful girls! Simply prepare a spray bottle of natural cleaner, like apple cider vinegar and give your coop a bit of a scrub. You could also try mopping the coop with natural cleaner for more effective results. Additionally, try boiling water next time you clean your coop- not only does it strip your coop of mess, but it also helps kill a number of miniscule pests, including those blasted mites! So long as your coop is cleaned on a somewhat regular basis, you’ll be able to keep the sinister plans of the mites at bay.

Clean your coop and breathe in the fresh air

Though I would never say it in front of my cute little chickens, sometimes they do get a little bit smelly. But it isn’t their fault- it’s a part of their nature. In the same way if you didn’t take a shower every morning and apply a spritz of deodorant or perfume, you’d probably be accused of being a touch on the pungent side. This being said, chickens are actually quite disciplined in their personal hygiene and a lot of the smell may in fact be coming from your coop. Scooping up the chicken manure that often piles up inside the coop is one of the best ways to eliminate any unpleasant smells wafting around your backyard. This is easily achieved so long as your coop has easily accessible cleaning trays, like The Penthouse, which slides out smoothly so you can just give it a quick spray and a wipe down. You will soon find yourself laying on the fresh grass with your fine feathered flock breathing in the fresh air.

A clean coop fitness regime

If you clean your coop properly you’re going to inadvertently find yourself doing a fair bit of exercise. You’ll find yourself squatting, lunging, stretching and lifting, all the while absorbing some essential vitamin D. Inadvertent exercise is one of the easiest ways to stay fit because you don’t even realise you’re doing it. Next time you clean your coop, why not take some portable speakers out in the garden with you, put on some Cydni Lauper or The Rolling Stones and let the workout begin! Extra points if you find yourself busting a move with your chickens, as you squat, lunge and lift your way to better health in the backyard.

Your chickens will love you for it

Most importantly- your fine feathered friends deserve to be clean and healthy. Don’t assume that your chickens aren’t fussed by mess and unhygienic surroundings. Though they may not be able to clean the coop themselves- wouldn’t that be nice- but a pristine coop will make them feel loved and appreciated. Additionally, a clean coop can keep your chickens safe from some nasty diseases and pest infestations, which can be a real hassle in the long-run. After you clean the coop and you hear your chooks going “bak-bak-bak” as they take their places in their nesting box, take that to mean, “I love you, thank you, I appreciate it”.

Don’t put off cleaning your chicken coop for another fortnight! It’s time to kill those mites that might be amassing beneath the slithers of the wood! Save yourself the drama of tomorrow’s infestation today! Cleaning your coop will instantly improve the smell of your backyard and is also a great source of fun and inadvertent exercise. Don’t delay, get into your yard clothes and leap into the backyard- your chickens will thank you for it!

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