A Chicken Tractor Is Your Garden's Best Friend

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Kassandra Smith

Senior Editor • Backyard Chicken Coops

Last Updated: 09 February 2015

Many avid gardeners are conflicted when they consider introducing chickens into their backyard. On the one hand, the chickens peck, poop and nourish their soil, but on the other hand there is the fear that your chickens might get up to no good when they are left to free range across your glorious backyard- we know these curious little creatures too well...This is why a chicken tractor is the perfect solution for any garden and chook loving enthusiast!

A Chicken What?

The chicken tractor is a fantastic invention designed for the common urban gardener to take control of their chooks and direct their sometimes erratic energy into more productive activities, such as nourishing your yards soil. A chicken tractor is essentially a coop on wheels that can be regularly positioned and repositioned to different spots in your garden. Your standard chicken tractor can come with four or two wheels and generally speaking, the more wheels your chicken tractor has, the easier it is to move. Like mobile phones, your standard chicken tractor used to be a lot larger, but nowadays they come in all shapes and sizes. Some people prefer to keep their chickens in a stationary coop at night, and then move them into a smaller chicken tractor during the day. The Taj Mahal is essentially the best of both worlds, as it is a chicken tractor with plenty of play space, as well as a comfortable coop for your girls to sleep in at night!

The Proof Is In The Poop

Though it may seem perverse to state this in simple terms, but nonetheless: chicken poop does wonders for your garden. In technical terms, chicken poop is high in nitrogen, which in turn helps your garden thrive. With this in mind, it’s not such a great idea to let your chipper cheep-ing poopers let loose on your plants- it’s best if the chickens do their business on the soil from inside the chicken tractor. Once you’ve repositioned the chicken tractor you can always scoop the chicken manure off the ground and place it into your compost. Healthy, nutrient-rich soil is the greatest investment you can make in terms of the life and health of your garden. So creating the most nutrient-filled chicken inspired soil all begins with ensuring you have a nifty chicken tractor and some energetic chicks ready to do their business.

Ride Your Tractor All Over The Yard

One of the down sides of a chicken tractor however is the bare spots that it can leave over your yard. If you’re not careful, your garden will quickly fill up with peculiar crop-circle like clearings. The easiest way to prevent this is by simply ensuring that you move your chicken tractor on a regular basis. Otherwise, your chicken tractor will slowly sink into ground and your chickens will strip the grass of all its nutrients, leaving the earth desolate and bland. Don’t let this discourage you though! If you secure a good quality chicken tractor and move it regularly there will be no such troubles. And remember, seeing your thriving backyard garden with chicks grazing joyously, will be a pleasure you’ll relish everyday.

Insect Pests Will Be A Thing Of The Past

Insects, like ants, grasshoppers, roaches, fleas and ticks can be a plague upon your home and your garden. But if you mobilise your critter craving chickens with a chicken tractor, all those nasty bugs will soon be leaving your garden in droves. It’s no mystery that chickens love eating bugs- as they are a valuable source of protein and a tasty treat in amongst a diet of grass, feed and fresh water. If you’re looking for an incentive to move your chicken tractor around, think about all the bugs your chooks are going to eat and the blessing that this will be upon your garden, now liberated from the tyranny nasty pests.

With the power of a chicken tractor, you will be able to harness the mystical properties of your chicken droppings and turn your tired fern forest into a lush and lavish garden paradise. If you’re in the market for a chicken tractor, why not check out our impressive Taj Mahal chicken coop with tractor. It’s light, easy to move and can house up to five feisty chickens who are ready to give your garden the ultimate makeover!

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