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Last Updated: 01 December 2018

If you would like an all- around great chicken that lays LOTS of great big brown eggs, then look around for ISA Brown Chickens for sale ! They are wonderful chooks ! They are sweet, friendly quiet mannered chickens that enjoy sharing affection with their human families. And, to top it all off, grab your egg baskets, because these beautiful copper penny coloured hens are prolific layers ! Typically, a single hen will provide your family with three hundred to three hundred and fifty big brown eggs per year. How egg-citing!


Once you’ve perused the ISA Brown Chickens for sale in your area and have found the finest feathery friends for your backyard flock, you will be oh so delighted to spend time in their company and while away the hours loving them, chatting with them, and just sitting and watching these beautiful chestnut feathered chickens.

Before you start looking in the classifieds for ISA Brown Chickens for sale, there are a few things to keep in mind. Caring for your girls is easy. They are wonderfully low maintenance and adapt easily to various climates and surroundings. Being the prolific egg-layers that they are though, these gals may need some supplemental protein due to the fact that their bodies convert the protein from their feed into egg producing fuel and thus, their lovely feathers will need some protein TLC.

Early maturation allows these chickens to begin laying anywhere from sixteen weeks to twenty-two weeks of age versus the point of lay of other breeds which can be up to twenty-four weeks or even longer. Purchasing ISA Brown Chickens for sale at point of lay is a wise decision and a great place to start whether you are a veteran or a new chicken keeper looking for an egg-cellent, highly reliable laying hen.

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