Best Cat Breeds For Kids

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Last Updated: 10 September 2014

If you’re a ‘cat person’ you will know that there is a lot more to these charming creatures than being internet sensations, and they do in fact make sensational pets- especially for children.

Cats make great companions for children, and often they will form and share a special bond- there is nothing more endearing than watching a child and their feline friend playing and delighting in one another’s company. As well as this, having a pet cat with help teach young children the responsibilities of pet ownership, caring for others, and help foster a lifelong love of animals.

However, it is important to choose the right breed of cat to suit your family and lifestyle- a quiet and independent breed will not fare so well with lots of boisterous and loud little ones about. With children, you will want a breed that is easygoing, adaptable and loyal, but is sociable and playful- who will delight in lots of love and attention.

So if you think a cat companion would be a welcome addition to your family unit, read on to learn about some of the best cat breeds for families with children.

Little girl holding kitten. Outdoor

Maine Coon

The Maine Coon is quite a large and hardy breed- often referred to as a ‘gentle giant’ due to it’s sweet and friendly nature.They enjoy spending lots of time outside, taking part in play and activity, and are known to be especially loyal and affectionate- making them the perfect family cat. The Maine Coon is a long haired cat, so will need extra grooming to keep them looking sharp!


Siamese cats are an incredibly loyal and loving breed who are known to form strong bonds with their family- especially little ones! This social kitty is very much a people loving cat, and will follow their owners around like their little sidekick. They are very intelligent and athletic cats, so enjoy lots of attention and stimulation from activity- some have even been known to play fetch!


One of the most people-oriented breeds, the Burmese cat makes the purr-fect family pet. This gentle and friendly breed thrives on human contact, so delights in lots love, attention and excess cuddles, of course! While they might be quite an active and alert breed, they are very gentle and tolerant of children, so the two are sure to make a perfect pair!


This playful and active breed is known as the ‘tail-less’ cat, and is a very fast and agile breed. The manx has a high interaction level, so craves lots of attention and playtime- perfect for active families! Some have likened its personality to a dog’s, as they have been known to bury and dig up toys like canines. They are a very affectionate breed, and will develop a very tight knit bond with their family, showing them unwavering loyalty. The Manx comes in both short and longhaired varieties, so those that are longhaired will require a little extra grooming.


This very pretty kitty are a very docile and calm breed, known for their flat, squishy faces and sensational long coats- often mistaken for a stuffed animal! The Persian is not the most active breed, so will enjoy a luxurious life indoors, lapping up lots of love and attention from their owners. Because of their very gentle and quiet nature, they make a great pet for quieter children.

ragdoll cat


The Ragdoll is known for its tendency to go completely limp when it is picked up- no one is totally sure why. Despite this quirkiness, the ragdoll is actually considered quite a hardy breed that make a great family pet. While they are considered a more inactive breed, the Ragdoll loves kids and have even been known to learn tricks such as fetch and play dead- giving pet dogs a run for their money!

All of the above breeds pair particularly well with children, due to their very sweet and tolerant natures- each making a wonderful pet and lifelong companion for kids.

When introducing a new cat to the family it is important to at first supervise the interaction, this is to ensure that the child and cat both respect one another, and neither inadvertently harm the other.

It may take a  little while, but it won’t be long before your kitty and kid are the best of buds!

If you’re thinking about taking the plunge and getting a lovely feline friend, but want to keep them safe in the great outdoors (there are many hidden lurking dangers that can harm a free wandering cat!), an outdoor cat enclosure will ensure you kitty it always safe and happy! The Paws Parlour, Kitty Kastle and Purrfect Palace, are all safe and secure cat enclosures that are sure to keep kitty pretty and purring!