Egg White Face Masks For Tired Skin

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Last Updated: 29 April 2015

Eggs are incredible things. They taste scrumptious and are also good for your health. But did you know that eggs can be used to help fight the signs of aging…? Well, now you do. Egg whites are a rich source of a number of properties that help delay skin damage and the signs of aging in a totally natural and organic way. So, if you’re tired of forking out hundreds of dollars on the latest celebrity endorsed skin care treatments, why not consider getting a couple of chooks in your backyard, who will be your own personal beauty care specialists.

Why are egg whites so effective?

Egg whites contain a number of powerful natural properties that help delay the signs of aging caused by sun exposure, acne and other kinds of skin damage. Protein, potassium, riboflavin and magnesium are the four key properties in egg whites that will be your organic defence against all the everyday factors that cause tired, fatigued and wrinkled skin.

Protein: helps repair and grow skin tissue, which in turn promotes healthy, youthful and resilient wrinkle-free skin.

Potassium: leaves the skin feeling fresh and hydrated, preserving its natural radiant moisture.

Riboflavin: eradicates toxic, cell-damaging free radicals that cause wrinkles and skin damage.

Magnesium: vital in maintaining youthful and radiant skin.

By simply creating a face mask out of egg whites you will be able to maintain your skins natural glow and vitality.


How do I make an egg white face mask?

It is simply too easy to create your own egg white facemask, simply…

  1. In a clean mixing bowl simply separate the egg yolk from the egg white. Make sure there are no little bits of eggshell left behind, otherwise it might end up in your eye or up your nose!

  2. Stir the egg whites until they are slightly foamy.

  3. Rinse and clean your face with warm water to open your pores.

  4. Using your hands or a cotton ball apply the egg white mixture to your face.

  5. Sit back and relax for 15 minutes, until the mixture has completely dried.

  6. Wash the dried egg white mixture off your face in a gentle circular motion with warm water.

  7. Pat your face dry with a towel before marvelling at your rejuvenated skin in the mirror.

It is really just that simple! Of course, you can always add extra natural ingredients to your egg whites to achieve even more astounding results.

What are some eggstra ingredients I can add to my egg white face mask mixture?

There are a number of different combinations you can try at home when creating your egg white face masks. Different types of ingredients will target and repair your skin in different ways. Here is a list of different recipes that should get your imagination pumping.

Acne clearing

If you struggle with acne or the effects of acne scarring than this egg white combination is for you. Simply mix together one egg white with ½ teaspoon of honey and one teaspoon of lemon juice. Remember to wash your face beforehand, to ensure that your pores are open and ready to receive the benefits of these ingredients.

Skin lightening

If your skin is slightly discoloured due to fatigue, acne scarring or other skin conditions, it might be advantageous to give this a try. Simply mix together 1 egg white with 1 teaspoon of orange juice and ½ teaspoon of ground turmeric. Be sure to leave it on for at least 10-15 minutes or at least until the mixture has completely dried.

Hydration boost

If your skin is dry and lifeless and just needs a blast of moisture than don’t hesitate to try this combination. Simply mix 1 egg white with ¼ of a ripe avocado and 1 teaspoon of yoghurt. Make sure you remove all the mixture with warm water, rubbing you face in a gentle circular fashion, before lightly patting it dry with a towel.

Once you’ve tried a number of different combinations, don’t be afraid to get creative and make your own. For a more relaxing experience it might be an indulgent idea to add a small amount of lavender, which will surely soothe your mind, as well as your skin.

Should I use organic ingredients?

Though it isn’t essential, using organic ingredients is an easy way to ensure that your face mask is rich in all the nutrients your skin craves. Store bought ingredients, like fruits and vegetables, are obviously still a dense source of vitamins, but their potency can be diminished due to the mass farming practices employed to grow them. To use another example, organic or free-range eggs are actually richer in vitamins and minerals compared to eggs laid by battery hens. So, for the best results, be sure to use organic free-range eggs, or get chickens yourself, if you are planning on creating your own egg white face mask.

Though your kids or friends might think it’s a little loopy to cover your face with egg whites, they’ll be the ones with egg of their face when they see your beautifully radiant and youthful complexion. The more regularly you apply egg white face mask the more effective the results, so be sure to establish a little beauty routine for yourself – it’s also a great way to shut out the world for a few moments and give yourself some peace and quiet.

What are you waiting for?! Get yourself some personal chicken beauty therapists and start repairing your skin! Your girls will of course need their own beauty clinic at night, so be sure to look into the Taj Mahal, Penthouse or Mansion coops, perfect for any egg laying lady.

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