Hamburg: Breed Profile

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Last Updated: 01 December 2018

The Hamburg chicken is a popular breed because of their beautiful appearance and upbeat temperament. Because of their striking, strong appearance, they are popularly used as a showbird. The Hamburg is quite flighty, therefore needs enough space to roam and high fences so they don’t accidentally escape! They are also a reliable egg layer.

the silver spangled hamburg is a beautiful and friendly chicken breed


  • Originated in Northern Europe

  • Are believed to be the result of a cross between chickens and pheasants

Egg Facts

  • Lays small white eggs

  • Approximately 208 eggs per year


  • Have a red comb and wattles, and white earlobes

  • Have dark coloured bones

  • Have greyish/blue legs

  • Strong and upright appearance

Backyard Behaviour

  • Hardy in Winter: Yes

  • Especially Docile: No

  • Personality: Upbeat, alert, eager

Sources and further reading

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