How Do I Tell If An Egg Is Rotten?

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Last Updated: 01 December 2018

backyard chicken eggs stay fresher longer, and taste better boiled

There’s nothing more devastating than working tirelessly on a delicious cupcake mix or pavlova masterpiece, only to make a well in the centre and crack in…a rotten egg. Meal ruined!

Don’t be scarred for life by this unfortunate egg-cident, it can easily be avoided by running a quick test to see whether your eggs are fresh, or whether you should hold off cracking that egg into your ingredients!

The Sink Test

Fill a bowl up with cold water, then place an egg into the bowl. If the egg sinks to the bottom, then it is fresh and fine to use! If it tip toes about the bottom and stands on its pointy end, it’s still fine - but use fast. If it floats, discard - this is not an egg you want to ingest.

Other Bad Egg Indicators

There are a few other things you can do to test whether your eggs are safe to use:

  • The slosh test: Hold the egg up to your ear and shake it around. If you hear a sloshing noise, the egg is probably off. If you hear nothing, then the egg is fine.

  • Crack it open: Crack the egg onto a plate, and then see if you get a whiff of anything. A bad egg smell is quite distinct - you won’t miss it! Fresh eggs shouldn't smell at all.

Of course, the best way to guarantee fresh eggs is to collect them from your free ranging backyard chickens each day! Plus, they really do taste better - and are better for you!

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