14 Ways to Use Portable Electric Fencing

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Kassandra Smith

Senior Editor • Backyard Chicken Coops

Last Updated: 27 April 2018

chickens with electric poultry fencing

Portable electric fencing is a versatile tool for any size property, from urban backyards to hobby farms to full scale farming operations. This genius netting fence can be moved wherever you need extra protection from predators or to separate curious creatures from plants, garden beds or crops. Let’s have a peck at 13 ways you can use a portable electric fence on your property.

  • Protect your poultry, whether backyard coops or large farm flocks, from predators while foraging.
  • Protect any size of garden or crop of vegetables or flowers from your chickens, wildlife and pests such as kangaroos, wallabies, possums, quolls, bandicoots, feral deer, rabbits, feral pigs and livestock.
  • Create controlled grazing and strip grazing areas within paddocks, orchards or vineyards for livestock such as sheep, goats, cattle or poultry.
  • Protect new tree plantings in orchards or nurseries.
  • Separate rams, bucks and boars from ewes, does and sows during season.
  • Create a temporary pen for grazing flightless geese and ducks.


  • Create a portable fence to force sheep, goats and small cattle breeds to control vegetation around farm sheds and machinery.
  • Protect livestock like sheep, goats, cattle or poultry from predators such as foxes, wild dogs and feral pigs.
  • Further protect your chicken coop and run from nocturnal predators.
  • Create an instant yard for poddy calves, lambs, kids, ducklings and baby chicks.
  • Protect feed and bedding supplies from livestock such as sheep, goats, cattle or poultry.
  • Create predator protected lambing areas.
  • Protect beehives from livestock and predators.
  • Protects pets and livestock from ponds, dams and other water hazards.

miniature goat in electric fencing

Whether you are an avid urban green thumb, a backyard chicken keeper, a hobby farmer or an established agricultural operation, portable electric fencing is useful for your day to day needs of plant protection, predator prevention and livestock logistics. Check out this versatile product here and learn more with our electric fence frequently asked questions here.