Matching Wines To Your Favourite Egg Dish

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Kassandra Smith

Senior Editor • Backyard Chicken Coops

Last Updated: 23 September 2014

Wine and eggs- they may not sound like the most ideal pairing, but if you’re like us and love your eggs and don’t mind a little tipple every now and then, there are many ways you can enjoy the two in one delightful meal.

When most people think of eggs they think of breakfast time- and who doesn’t love a champagne breakfast or brunch? While a glass of rose’ will wash down a croissant nicely, what will go down a treat with eggs benedict, or that creamy omelette?

Eggs might be considered a perfect food (well in our eyes anyway), but because of their makeup and the way their structure changes during the cooking process, they can often make a substance such as wine taste not so, well, fabulous. However, paired right, you can have yourself a tasty, albeit slightly tizzy, brunch.

combining wine and eggs can add some real spice to your favourite dish

If you’re looking to host an egg-cellent breakfast where a glass or two of wine is encouraged, it is probably best to stick mainly to white wines- dry and bubby work particularly well. Wines that are overly sweet will often make a once tasty egg dish taste not so grand, while full-bodied reds will make for an unpleasant experience for your palate.

When pairing wine with an food, you need to base it on sections of the food and what you’re doing with it- not just the entire meal itself. Adding cheese to your egg dish- choose wines that you know pair well with it. Same goes for particular herbs, or meats that may accompany.

Eggs benedict is always a brunch favourite, and a rich dish such as this is best matched with a more full-bodied white wine, such as a chardonnay, or if there is cause for celebration- a crisp champagne.

If an omelette is to be on the menu, make sure Pinot Noir is on hand, or if scrambled eggs are going to feature, a light Sauvignon Blanc will make for a happy marriage of flavours.

While these are our suggestions, it really does come down to your own personal preference and palate.

So what are you waiting for? Forget croissants and danishes, whip up a more delectable eggs benedict for this Sunday brunch, and don’t forget to pop the bubbly!

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