Purrfect Cat Breeds For Children

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Last Updated: 28 November 2014

Cats make amazing family pets, and pals for children of all ages. Your kids will definitely bond with their furry friends, with the added bonus of these creatures being easy to look after. Having a pet cat is a great way to teach children about responsibility whilst giving them an adorable animal friend.

growing up with a cat or kitten is an amazing experience for a child

What qualities you’re going to be looking for

If you’re looking for a cute cat that will fit in well to family life, then there are certain qualities you’ll need your furry friend to have (as their nature can vary from breed to breed). These include:

  • An affectionate cat that enjoys being handled and petted regularly

  • Doesn’t get scared easily, and won’t react to fast movements or noises

  • Won’t react to being picked up by nipping or scratching humans

  • Can adapt to change

Different breeds have different characteristics, so it’s important to choose the right cat for your families lifestyle. Some are definitely more suited to being around children than others!

Cat breeds that will fit purrrfectly into family life

  • Burmese

The Burmese is a beautiful, sleek cat that is very sociable with people. They absolutely love attention and affection, and also find great enjoyment when playing games with their human pals. They do need attention quite regularly, which is why they’re perfect for kids who love to play and spend time with pets. Don’t be surprised if everytime you walk through the door you're greeted with a ‘meow’ - that’s them giving you a friendly hello!

Because Burmese cats are such sociable creatures, it’s recommended to have more than one if you and your family are not at home often. They will get along fine with the majority of cat breeds, and are also known to mesh well with dogs.

These cats will absolutely love your children and vice versa, just keep an eye on the kids and make sure they’re not too rough with their feline friends.

ragdoll cats go limp at the touch, making them an ideal companion for kids

  • Ragdoll

These cats are known as ‘gentle giants’ - a very fluffy breed that’s as calm as can be. They get their name to due their hilarious tendency to go completely limp when picked up - sure to give the whole family a laugh!

Ragdolls are great pets for children as they are a very laid back creature. They don’t demand attention every second, they are happy just poking around the house, or sitting on your lap for some behind the ear scratches. They’re very gentle creatures that your kids will bond with well.

A great way to get your children to look after their beautiful Ragdoll is to make sure the cat is brushed regularly. It’s important for their coat to stay fluffy and smooth.

  • American Shorthair

The American shorthair is a bubbly, social cat who will fit into family life well. They will adapt quickly to your living environment, whether you’re in a cosy apartment or large house. The American Shorthair can also tolerate changes to their environment better than other breeds.

The American Shorthair loves affection and being handled, and loves being around people - they’re the purrrfect animal for your children to become best friends with.

  • Maine Coon

The Maine Coon is a very furry, fluffy and very LARGE cat that has a playful nature as big as their stature! Your kids and your cats will keep each other amused for hours on end - hopefully they can tire each other out as well! You’ll have to give your Maine Coon a brush every now and again to keep the cats coat silky and smooth, but other than that they’re pretty good at maintaining themselves. They’re a peaceful cat that will fit into family life very well.

  • Manx

The Manx are affectionate creatures that love to snuggle and show affection to their owners - you’ll certainly have a constant cuddle buddy with this creature! The Manx cat is also renown to get along well with dogs, which is a plus if you're planning on expanding your pet family. They’re also pretty self-sufficient animals when it comes to grooming - their short coat means they can look after it themselves (although they’d love the odd massage by a brush every now and again!) A brilliant family cat your children will love to bond with.

  • Exotic Shorthair

The Exotic Shorthair is a very calm, laid back cat that doesn’t demand excessive attention from its owners (but is happy to receive it). This is a good cat for people who aren’t home 24/7, as they are purrrfectly happy amusing themselves. They’ll always give their returning owners a greeting purr when you walk through the door. The Exotic Shorthair is good with children and happy to play. A great option for cat lovers that are full-time workers while the kids are at school!

  • Himalayan

A fluffy, placid cat that loves to receive affection from their human playmates. Himalayan cats pretty much love every human they come into contact with - so nobody should have trouble bonding with this furry friend! The Himalayan, because of it’s incredibly fluffy coat, will need regular brushing and maintaining, otherwise you can expect lots of cat hair all over the house! This cat is perfect for a relaxed family that likes to wind down with their furry friends.

These cat breeds will easily become part of the family - your children will absolutely love bonding and playing with their furry friends! Our family pets we have as children are the ones we always remember - the friendship that evolves between cats and children is a special one! So to ensure you make the right choice, choose a breed that’s tried and tested with children - it’ll ensure the years to come are stress free and happy.

The best way to keep your cats happy at night, or safe outdoors if they’re an outside animal is to give them a great cat enclosure. The Paws Parlour, Kitty Kastle and Purrfect Palace will keep your cats satisfied, comfortable and affectionate!

What are some of the cat breeds that have become part of your family? Maybe you’ve got a feathered flock who love to roam around in the backyard with their furry friends. Send us photos to sales@backyardchickencoops or to our Facebook page - we love hearing stories about chickens getting along with their other animal friends!

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