Special Summer Treats For Your Chickens

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Kassandra Smith

Senior Editor • Backyard Chicken Coops

Last Updated: 22 September 2014

Chickens love being spoiled with treats by their owners (always remember, everything in moderation!) Here are some yummy foods you can feed your flock, which will keep the cool and full. They’ll absolutely love you for it.

Frozen berries and grapes

Want to help your chickens beat the heat plus enjoy some tasty treats? Why not give them both by freezing their favourite berries and fruits into ice cubes! Your chickens will absolutely love pecking at their favourite frozen berries - it keeps them amused, it keeps them fed and it keeps them cool!

Chickens will also love it if you freeze up some grapes for them to munch on.

frozen berries and watermelon keep silkie chickens cool in summer

Marvellous melons

Again, chickens love their fruit! But you don’t have to give them a whole rockmelon. If you’ve got half a melon where you’ve scooped out the insides, toss the other half into the backyard for your chickens to peck at. That way, you both get a fruity, seasonal treat.

watermelon is a favourite treat for backyard chickens


Chickens looove yoghurt. It’s a great summer treat because again, it’s chilled, plus the probiotics in it will keep your hen’s digestive system tip top! You can even add some berries or blend it up to make their own special summer ice-cream. Lucky chickens!

chilled yoghurt is hydrating and cooling for backyard chickens

So give your chickens a tasty treat as a reward for all the eggs they’re producing. They’ll stay healthy, happy and cool in the hot summer months!

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