The Modern Day Chicken Coop

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Last Updated: 17 July 2020

Long gone are the days of an old tin shed and some chicken wire in the backyard as a makeshift chicken coop, scavenging around on the ground looking for your eggs. With backyard chicken keeping soaring in popularity in the last few years, having a modern chicken coop for your flock is more common place.

People, particularly those in more urban areas, want a chicken coop that will not only provide all the necessities for their flock, but also has major aesthetic appeal! With features and designs to rival even your own house, the humble chicken coop has had a major makeover. There are a number of ways you can add a little luxury to your chicken coop, making your flock the envy of all others.


The Eggs-terior & Design

Forget banging together a few leftover bits of scrap wood, most flocks' humble abodes are so cleverly designed that they are often confused for a children's cubby house rather than a chicken coop! High quality weather-proof timber, galvanised wire mesh, tongue and groove roofing, sliding windows, and chimneys are just some of the features that the modern day chicken coop has that make it both practical and pretty.


The interior has to be equally as fabulous- obviously! Custom built perches, shaped with your chickens feet in mind, are the perfect addition to your chicken coop. Not only as a place for your chickens to perch, preen and play, but to help prevent injury in your chickens feet which can lead to further health problems. Nesting time is a crucial time in a chickens day, so you want to provide them with the ultimate nesting luxury. As well as being in a conducive egg laying environment- off the ground, free from drafts and in a dark area; fill your nesting boxes with fresh herbs and flowers that are all natural laying stimulants. Not only will it encourage laying, but it will make your nesting boxes look and smell super sweet! You can find a list of great herbs for nesting boxes here. Crawling around on your hands and knees looking for those precious eggs is never a fun task, so nesting boxes easily accessible from the outside will mean you can have poached eggs pronto. No dirty hands and knees or bumped heads necessary!

Awesome Accessories

While it may be part of your morning routine to let your hens out as you wake, on those lazy sundays wouldn’t it be nice to get just a little bit more shut eye before the desperate ‘let me out’ clucking and squawking begins? Automatic door openers are now a welcome addition to many urban farmers backyard chicken coops, not only as a little luxury, but as a particularly great add on if you are away from home and still want your girls to have have a little freedom.

Girls just wanna have fun! And with a chicken swing, that's exactly what your girls will do. For those serious about having the ultimate modern day chicken coop, this is a must have accessory! Your girls will delight in swinging back and forth, and you will delight in watching them enjoy this activity time and time again- seriously, they cannot get enough!

The Run

a spacious chicken coop run with silkie chickens

There may not seem to be anything particularly extravagant about having a chicken coop with an expansive run, but there are plenty of easy ways that you can turn the run from ordinary to extraordinary for both you and your chickens. Plants, shrubs, flowers and even herbs can be planted in and around the chicken run to add to the aesthetic appeal of the chicken coop, a term that has been coined ‘chicken run landscaping’. Not only does it add to the attractiveness of the chicken coop, it can also help with protecting your flock from predators, with larger shrubs and bushes obscuring them from view. Planting certain flowering plants and herbs can also provide a number of nutritional benefits for your flock if they wish to peck at them. Do be wary when it comes to planting, as unfortunately there are a number of plants that can harm your hens, so be sure to do your research before working that green thumb of yours!  For more on run landscaping, eggs-ellent run ideas, and what and what not to plant, check out some of our chicken run articles here.

Painting or oiling  your Chicken Coop

While your chicken coop may look fabulous as is, a gorgeous paint job or oiling may be just the trick to make your chicken coop look a little more fancy and fresh! Whether you want it to match your garden shed, give it a more rustic feel, or even just brighten up the backyard a little, painting or oiling the chicken coop is also a fun family activity and can help prolong the life of your chicken coop by using weather shield exterior paint. Check out some of our creative customers masterpieces here. It's a good idea to repaint or re-oil your coop every couple of years to keep it looking fresh and protect it from the elements.

red painted mansion backyard chicken coop

It’s easy to see that the chicken coop has come a long way since its origins, and while it may not be a necessity, having a chicken coop that is the creme de la creme of chicken coops will have many practical advantages for both you and your flock. If you’re like us, you will love having a chicken coop that is safe and secure for your chickens, and a real treat for your backyard!

With so many options, getting the best coop to keep your flock safe and happy is a daunting task. To build or to buy? Do you know how many nesting boxes & perches you need? Do you know how much space you need & why? Choosing the perfect coop requires the right knowledge and equipment. You don't want to have all the gear and no idea!

Cluckily for us, our friends at Chickenpedia have created a Coop Sweet Coop course filled with advice and information to help your search. Find out all the options when buying or building a new coop including the best materials, sizes and locations. This extensive course will give you the confidence to make the right decision on a suitable and safe home for your feathered friends. This is why I recommend Chickenpedia to all my readers!

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