The Top 5 Unique Backyard Christmas Gift Ideas for Kids!

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Kassandra Smith

Senior Editor • Backyard Chicken Coops

Last Updated: 17 November 2018

While the modern age of technology has made our lives easier, it also means that the days of our children heading outdoors for amusement, without a poke and prod from mum or dad, has become a rare occurrence. As parents, we want our children to be active, healthy and, I’ll admit it, occupied.

Switch off the tablets and step away from the game consoles, kiddos, it’s time to conquer the great outdoors! Make your backyard the place to be these summer holidays and let’s turn those indoor kids into outdoor kids with these 5 unique backyard Christmas gift ideas for kids...

kid eco cardboard rocket backyard kids gift idea

5. Kid-Eco Cardboard Castle or Cardboard Rocket
Get the family on the tools painting and making these cardboard creations their very own! The fun doesn't stop there though, once complete they can rule the backyard or take to the stars with just some cardboard and their imagination…

giant inflatable bowling set backyard kids gift idea

4. Giant Inflatable Bowling Set
Bowling = fun. GIANT INFLATABLE BOWLING = MORE FUN. If your kids are anything like mine, they’ll appreciate anything that’s oversized and the chance to knock things over. *Giant rental shoes not included

bumper ball set backyard kids gift idea

3. Bumper Ball
Energy overload? Work it out and and make it fun with inflatable Bumper Balls! After all, what’s more fun than accidently bumping into your sibling? Repeatedly. It’s the kids gift idea that keeps giving...

tobagani water park backyard kids gift idea

2. Tobogani Water Park
No need for multiple trips to the water park or pool these holidays! Create your own backyard wet and wild wonderland with this HUGE Tobogani Water Park, featuring a climb wall, slide and a paddling pool! When there's this much fun to be had, it may be hard to get them back in as the summer sun sets.

taj mahal chicken coop kids gift idea backyard

1. A Chicken Coop Adventure
If you’re looking for a kids gift idea that’ll last longer than a summer afternoon, give the gift that keeps giving - a Backyard Chicken Coop! Keeping a happy flock of cute and low maintenance pet chickens will not only keep your kiddos occupied in the backyard, it will also provide your family with delicious and nutritious fresh eggs! It’s a wing-wing situation! Collecting eggs and feeding chooks are experiences your kids will love and remember forever.

Have a peck at our Beginner’s Chicken Coop Christmas Package which includes everything you need to get crackin’... just add chooks!

Curious about how chickens will make your family and backyard life better? Have a peck at just 3 reasons chickens make the best pets for kids right here. And see how easy it is to make sure your kids stay on track with their mother hen duties here.