Tips for choosing the right Guinea Pig Hutches

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Kassandra Smith

Senior Editor • Backyard Chicken Coops

Last Updated: 23 February 2014

Close your eyes for a moment and picture the most perfect guinea pig hutches that you can imagine. Okay, now open your eyes! What do you see? The Piggy Pen? Oh, yea! The Piggy Parlour? Absolutely! Our well- made hutches are sure to elicit a squeak or two or many more from your cute cavies. The Piggy Pen, a tractor style house, will suit the curious active nature of the guinea pig by introducing them to new sights, scents, and eats each day. A brand new buffet every day-can’t get much better than that! The Piggy Parlour, equipped with a large run area with a ramp for rascally racing cavies, serves the needs of guinea pig owners looking for larger guinea pig hutches to house their ever growing family of cavies.

guinea pig in hutch with water bottle and vegetables

So, what makes typical guinea pig hutches, great guinea pig hutches? Soooo glad you asked!  For starters, guinea pig hutches need to be spacious-guinea pigs are busy little critters and thrive on activity and considering the fact that guinea pigs spend most of their lives in their hutches, they need room to grow, so to speak, so think big ! Guinea pigs LOVE to run, scamper, leap, play hide and seek, and sneak up on sibling piggies just for the fun of it! Thus, the roomier, the better!  Being that the minimum space requirement for two guinea pigs is 1.4m2, a good rule of thumb, then, is to provide at least 1.5-1.75m2 of space per every two guinea pigs if possible. And, you’re in luck…both the Piggy Pen and the Piggy Parlour guinea pig hutches surpass even that!

Backyard Chicken Coops also offers a wonderful wire mesh flooring to keep out undesirables such as snakes, quolls, foxes, and stray dogs and cats. However, if you choose to place a roll of wire mesh underneath your guinea pig hutches, please take extra care to protect tender cavy toes by covering the top of the mesh with mats-look for edible woven hay or corn mats! What will they think of next?

Guinea pig eating lettuce in hutch

Both the Piggy Pen and the Piggy Parlour guinea pig hutches are made from grade-A fir timber and when coated with guinea pig safe timber oil, will stand up solid against the elements. But what about our busy little gnawing cavies? Will they be tempted to sneak a little sample of their…hutch? No worries. While guinea pigs do gnaw on wood, if you provide plenty of wooden blocks, twigs, cardboard tubes and boxes, they won’t even notice that they’re living in a wooden house!

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