Top 10 Reasons To Buy NOT Build Your Chicken Coop

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Kassandra Smith

Senior Editor • Backyard Chicken Coops

Last Updated: 11 June 2014

So you’ve decided to get chickens. What next? Many prospective chicken owners can spend weeks, months, even years agonising over which coop they want to buy or whether they are going to attempt to build their own chook palace. Some people may have the skills to build their own extraordinary chicken coop but do they have the time as well? In most instances purchasing your own flat packed coop is the easier, cheaper and more reliable option. Here are the top 10 benefits for buying not building your own chicken coop.

  1. Save yourself the time, drama and hassle of building your own coop on the weekend.

Let’s face it, building your own chicken coop from scratch takes lots and lots of time. From drafting a design, sourcing materials, measuring and cutting planks of wood, just on and on, the whole process is simply a mountain of work that may never be conquered. So, keep it simple, save yourself the time, buy yourself a flat packed chicken coop and reclaim your weekend.


2. Give yourself the space to actually enjoy your time off.

Most importantly, everyone needs to take some time off to actually sit back and relax. Between all the sports commitments, odd jobs and spending time with friends and family on the weekend, building a chicken coop is an enormous time commitment that few people can truly commit to. Give yourself the gift of an actual weekend - you deserve it!

3. Save on the cost of materials and the time it takes sourcing them.

Creating a budget for your own chicken coop design can be a tricky, confusing and costly endeavour. If the design doesn’t work then you will no doubt end up losing money on excess or wasted materials. With all the extra costs inherent in any DIY pursuit it often works out to be more expensive to build your own coop then simply purchasing an easy to assemble flat pack.  Avoid the pain of inflating prices by investing in a reliable flat packed coop that will save you money in the long run.

4. Excellent materials at the ready means that your coop will be a cut above the rest.

Quality prefab chicken coops take the stress out of selecting the appropriate materials for your poultry palace. Take the drama out of researching different types of timber and chicken wire and trust in the experts who are passionate about creating a quality coop for you and your flock. Keep it simple. Go with the eggsperts!

5. Easy to assemble pieces with clear instructions means that you virtually don’t need any skills or experience to construct your coop.

We all have special gifts and talents but, in all honesty, how many of us actually have the skills required to build a quality chicken coop? Generally speaking not many. Our range of flat packed chickens coops are a breeze to assemble and should only take between 1 to 3 hours at most. All you’ll need to do is get an electric drill, read the instructions and take it one step at a time. Assembling your own prefab chicken coop is as easy as cracking an egg.

6. A quality coop means that your gorgeous girls will be able to live a life of total comfort.

At the end of the day the most important thing to consider when selecting a chicken coop is to ensure that your fine feathered friends will live comfy and happy-go-clucky lives. There are dozens of things to consider when constructing a coop with your chickens in mind. Everything from the height and diameter of the perches to the size and spacing of the nesting boxes - nothing can be taken for granted when it comes to the comfort of your chickens.

Hemp bedding is one of the best ways to keep your girls comfortable. Find out more about the benefits of this eggceptional poultry product here.


7. Superiorly designed coops often come with a range of benefits that will make life easier for you and your flock.

Always trust a poultry expert when it comes to chicken coop designs. There are so many features and benefits for you and your chickens if you elect to buy a coop that has been lovingly designed by a team of chook gurus. Slide out cleaning trays, exterior access nesting boxes, ventilation chimneys, just to name a few - there are numerous essential features on offer when you decide to purchase a professionally designed prefab chicken coop.

8. Quality coops will keep your flock safe so your chickens can live in total serenity.

Flock safety should be the number one priority for every backyard chicken keeper. Ensuring that your flock’s coop is made from strong and reliable materials is the best way to keep your chooks safe morning, noon and night. Heavy thick cut timber, strong galvanised wire mesh and a sturdy yet sophisticated design is essential for your girls to live a safe and secure life. Remember, when it comes to chicken safety, there is no substitute for quality, so make sure your girls have a secure home to live in.

If coop security is a major concern for you and your flock make sure you look at our various chicken safety accessories here.

9. When you purchase a quality flat packed coop you can rest assured that you know your coop is going to come together and will last the test of time.

Though there is nothing wrong with getting creative and testing your DIY abilities by making your own chicken coop, many people however find that sometimes there dreams do not always meet the reality of their abilities. Building any significant structure is a huge investment of time, money and energy. By purchasing a flat packed coop you can rest assured that you’ll have a quality coop that will do its job and still be standing for many years to come.


10. A beautiful coop will always bring a smile to your face.

Many people consider their chicken coops to be not just a home for their flock but also a beautiful garden feature. A well-designed chicken coop painted in beautiful colours will become the jewel of your backyard. Poorly constructed coops made from a mountain of scrap wood can sometimes serve its purpose but it’s rarely the most attractive thing to look at everyday. Keep it simple yet stunning and ensure that your backyard will look its beautiful best by investing in a quality flat packed chicken coop.

Most importantly, no matter what you decide to do, remember to take action! Stop the bad habit of wasting time sitting around going over and over the pros and cons. Take a deep breath, close your eyes and make a decision. Speaking of decisions, why not check out our range of quality coops that include the terrific Taj Mahal, the perfect Penthouse and the magnificent Mansion, all of which have been the key inspiration for all ten of the points in this article.

Remember, a chicken coop is just a coop unless you’ve got some chooks to put into it. Read about the wide range of chickens that you can fall in love with here.

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