The Top Egg Hacks You'll Want To Remember

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Kassandra Smith

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Last Updated: 01 September 2014

eggs come in all shapes and sizes, but all of them delicious

It’s no surprise that we love our eggs- and for good reason! Not only do these little shells of goodness taste great, they are nutritional powerhouses and what you can do with them- well the options are endless!

Because we are egg aficionados, we have managed to amass a lot of egg knowledge in our time, so we have compiled a list of our most egg-citing egg hacks to share with you- with great egg knowledge comes great egg power!

From simple tricks to make your egg cooking days a breeze, to handy uses for those leftover shells, these are the hacks you’ll want to remember!

1. Too often pesky little pieces of shell manage to make their way into the rest of the egg after cracking- it happens to the best of us! While it’s annoying, there is an easy fix,simply use the egg shell you just cracked by dipping it into the egg and the shell will gravitate towards it- shell free and ready to scramble! To avoid this altogether, crack your eggs on the counter instead of the bowl.

2. We know that crushing up eggshells is great for your chickens, but did you know that they’re great for your garden too? They are a great calcium supplement for your veggie plants, (which helps to enhance their flavour), and will also help to deter slugs and snails. So when you’re crushing up leftover egg shells for your flock, save some and place them in the bottom of your garden- your plants will thank you!

3. We love boiled eggs as much as the next person, but to really jazz up your 3 pm snack try out this clever trick to create a ‘golden egg’, an egg that is scrambled inside it’s shell- no yolk! All you need is a lovely big egg of your choosing and a leg of a stocking. Place the egg inside the stocking, making sure it is about half way down- now it’s time to scramble! Grab each end of the stocking with the egg suspended in the middle and start twisting the stocking around the egg. When it’s fully twisted, pull the ends of the stocking apart quickly and it should untwist itself which will spin the egg rapidly- if you’re lucky, your egg should now be fully scrambled! (You can check by shining a flash light through your egg in a dark room- it should be a darker red colour if your have success!) Now that you have yourself this wondrous little egg, how you choose to cook it is up to you- boil, fry, scramble- they are all equally delicious!

4.  There is nothing quite like the pain of having the perfect fried egg, only to destroy the yolk when it comes to flipping time. To avoid this pain, heat the spatula (only if its metal), in the oil first- this way the egg won’t stick to it and you'll have perfect eggs every time!

peeling a boiled egg can be frustrating but there is a better way

5. There is nothing more frustrating then trying, and failing, to peel the shell off a boiled egg- why can’t it just be simple! Prior to boiling, bring eggs to room temperature and poke the end with a small pin or tack, leaving just a small hole. Boil the eggs as you usually would, then cool the eggs with cold water. When cooled, knock the egg on a hard surface and the skin should peel right off- you will wonder how you ever peeled boiled eggs before!

6. In need of separating your egg whites from the yolk- all you need is an empty water or soda bottle! After cracking your egg into a bowl, take the empty bottle and place the opening over the yolk, squeeze the bottle until the yolk slips inside- ta-da, there you have it, a separated white and yolk! Or you can always crack the egg into a funnel- the whites will go through, leaving the yolk intact in the funnel.

7. Bet you didn’t know you can make hard-boiled eggs in the oven? Place the eggs in a muffin tray to keep them in place, turn the oven to approximately 180 degrees celsius and leave them for around 25-30 minutes- perfect if you are needing to cook a large amount at once!

What other egg hacks do you know of? Post on our Facebook page your most inventive and eggs-ellent egg tricks- we’d love to hear them!

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