Toys You Can Put In Your Outdoor Enclosure To Keep Your Kitty Entertained

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Last Updated: 10 December 2014

Some cat owners like giving their precious cats the benefits of being outdoors whilst they’re out of the house. The perfect way to do so safely is to give them a safe, secure cat enclosure to play in! But, no outdoor cat enclosure is finished without some extra fun toys for your feline friend to keep themselves amused with.

Here are some great toys for the cat enclosure that don’t cost the earth, and will keep your cat occupied whilst enjoying the benefits of the fresh air!

1. A Scratching Post


Every cat should have a scratching post available to them. Cats have a natural instinct to rake their claws down a rough surface - it sharpens their claws and feels very satisfying for them. So, save a couch, get a scratching post! A scratching post is the perfect addition to the run area of your cat enclosure, just stand it up in the grass and let your cat rake their claws to perfection.

For some extra entertainment, you can hang a small ball from some string off the top of the scratching post, so your kitty can bat it around and try to catch it. Cats love playing with dangling objects such as that! This will give your cat countless hours of joy.

2. A Cat Kong

For a pet, there’s no motivation like FOOD! That’s why pet kongs are the perfect toy for a cat that needs a little coaxing to get moving. These toys work by dispensing small tidbits of food (that you’ve previously put in them) the more the cat bats them around with their paws. These toys can really keep a cat amused for a long time, as well as unintentionally prompt them to get their daily exercise - so by the time they come into the house for bed, they’re all tuckered out and ready for a good night’s snooze.

Cat Kong’s are very easy to find and reasonably priced. You could always pop some catnip in there - they’ll certainly use up some energy trying to get to to that in the kong!

Some Kongs also come with a fake tail attached, which gives your cat something else to play with and bat about to their heart’s content.

3. A Fake Field Mouse


Another way for your cat to indulge their natural instincts without bringing home a real special present for their owners….did you know you can buy fake mice that are filled with catnip? Yes, this small toy can bring your cat hours of entertainment as they pounce and play with their fake fur friend. These toys are very cheap, and are quite small, so you wont’ have any trouble fitting them in the outdoor cat enclosure.

Letting domesticated pets let loose on their natural instincts really does keep frustrations at bay, and makes their quality of life rich and full.

If you’re put off by the sight of a field mouse, there are other small toys filled with catnip you can get instead - such as fish and squirrels! Another great option if you think you may accidentally mistake your plush mouse with a real rodent.

4. A Crinkly Paper Bag, Or Cardboard Box

Yes, you read right - a cardboard box or paper bag. Doesn’t seem very exciting, but the cats will honestly love it! Feline’s have a natural instinct to curl up in safe, cosy places - you may have noticed your cat getting up to mischief by hiding behind the washing machine or other hard to reach places! This is just what they do to feel safe and secure. So, giving them a few cat sized objects to climb in and out of will keep them occupied.

You can also buy ‘crinkle sacks’ or ‘cuddle sacks’ that will serve the same purpose, and be a little smoother on your cats fur. The perfect place to snuggle and hide away from the struggles of everyday life - oh, it’s hard to be a cat!

5. Pop Up Tunnels

Again, cats love to squeeze and curl up into small spaces, as well as explore small areas. You can by specially made cat toy tunnels, which allow your kitten to slink through different tubes. The perfect size to make them feel cozy, without taking up any excess space. Many also come with different textures in the tubes, so your cat can enjoy some crazy sensations on their palm of their paws.

You can even buy cat tunnels that have some dangling toys in the middle of them, so your cat them hit them about whilst their exploring the colourful corridors of their toy! This toy is generally also collapsible, so you don’t have to wrestle the tunnel in and out of the enclosure!

6. A Dangling Toy To Hang From The Mesh


Cats love playing with things that dangle above their heads or their paws. There are many different toys you can buy with ‘tails’, that easily clip onto the mesh walls of your outdoor cat enclosure. The cats will bat around and play with the fluffy tail until they’re ready for a long cat nap.

Cats love the great outdoors, especially when they get to enjoy it in a cozy cat enclosure that keeps them safe and occupied. A great way to ensure your cat stays active while they’re enjoying the fresh air is to toss in some toys that are great fun for them! It’ll help keep their weight down, and ensure they’re in the mood for some quality scratches and cuddles by the time your home from work. We wish our life were so easy!

If you want a great enclosure that’ll keep your feline friends safe whilst letting them frolic in the gras, check out our Paws Parlour, Kitty Kastle and Purrfect Palace.   The larger ones can even house a pair of feline friends if you’ve got more than one fuzzy pet in your family.

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