What Is a Pullet?

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Last Updated: 01 December 2018

Pullets are halfway between full-grown chickens and baby chicks

Have you been searching for birds to buy and come across the words ‘Pullets for sale’?

A ‘pullet’ is a young hen that is under 1 years of age, and has not started laying eggs yet.

Pullets are fully grown, and will have a full coat of shiny new feathers. However, their body is still developing, and isn’t ready to lay eggs.

Once a pullet because closer to the age where their breed typically starts laying eggs, they are then regarded as a ‘point-of-lay’ hen (for more information on when your chicken’s will start laying eggs, check out this article). Generally speaking, ‘pullets’ (young hens), will reach ‘point of lay’ (age at which they lay their first egg), between their 16th and 24th week of age. In some cases and breeds, it can be more, or less.

So if you purchase a pullet, don’t expect them to start laying straight away. If you purchase a point-of-lay, an egg is imminent!

Check out our Chicktionary for a comprehensive guide to poultry terms and what they mean, if you find yourself in a flap over what means what!

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