Where In My Backyard Should I Put My Chicken Coop?

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Kassandra Smith

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Last Updated: 17 July 2020

Painted mansion backyard chicken coop

Just got your hot little hands on one of our amazing chicken coops? Maybe you’re planning to get one. Well, here are some tips on where the prime coop spot will be in your backyard. You know what they say - location, location, location!

Access to sunlight:

It’s a good idea to put the coop somewhere where it is partially shaded, and partially in the sun. This means your chickens can beat the heat when it’s getting a bit toasty, as well as bask in the sunlight when they want to catch some rays.

Fresh grass underneath their feet:

Having some fresh grass in the run will do wonders for your flock - and for your grass! The chickens will fertilise the grass with their droppings, keeping it green and growing healthily - plus the chickens will gobble up any insects, grubs and worms- which are a brilliant source of protein for our feathered friends!

A nice dust patch for a bath:

If your chickens are going to be in the run for the majority of the day, then they’ll need a patch of dust in which to dust bathe - so they can clean themselves and get rid of any parasites or creepy crawlies! Making sure the run is over a nice patch of dust, or putting some into the run will ensure they can keep themselves at the height of hygiene! Read more on the importance of dust bathing for your chickens here.

Solid ground underneath:

Got known chicken predators in your area such as foxes? Well, make sure you’ve got your coop on sturdy hard ground that won’t be easy for them to burrow under. Better yet, put your chicken coop on a concrete slab - it won’t be easy for any predators to sneak up underneath it then!

Don’t think that where the coop is set up needs to be its permanent spot - our Taj Mahal and Penthouse coops can easy be moved around the backyard. So if the best spot for your coop changes, or you want your chickens to have access to fresh grass, you can easily maneuver their chook house to the next best location.

Now you have an idea of where you can place a coop, you have the daunting task of finding the best coop to keep your flock happy and safe. To build or to buy? Do you know how many nesting boxes & perches you need? Do you know how much space you need & why? Choosing the perfect coop requires the right knowledge and equipment. You don't want to have all the gear and no idea!

Cluckily for us, our friends at Chickenpedia have created a Coop Sweet Coop course filled with advice and information to help your search. Find out all the options when buying or building a new coop including the best materials, sizes and locations. This extensive course will give you the confidence to make the right decision on a suitable and safe home for your feathered friends. This is why I recommend Chickenpedia to all my readers!

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