Will a Wire Mesh Floor Hurt My Chickens' Feet?

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Last Updated: 16 July 2020

Keeping your flock safe is of utmost importance and there are precautions you can take to do just that. One of those is to equip your coop and run areas with a roll of wire mesh underneath. It not only keeps out the unwanted attention of predators such as rats, snakes, foxes, quolls, and stray dogs and cats, etc., but still allows your clucky chooks to be able to peck at those juicy wiggly worms who unfortunately popped up in the wrong place at the wrong time. Picture this scenario…it’s a beautiful spring day! The sun is beaming brightly! The temperature is mild. And, your fabulous flock is busily pecking, clucking, and mingling in their roomy run. Yet, unbeknownst to them, danger lurks nearby. A snake, just finishing up its sunbath, slithers toward your coop. Attempt after attempt to get inside the chicken coop fails…beautifully! Why? Wonderful wire mesh! It is a beautiful spring day!  Safe chickens are happy chickens! And, happy chickens are not stressed from having to look over their wing at every suspicious sound.

How Does It Protect My Flock?

So, safe chickens are happy chickens, indeed. But, be wary of nocturnal nuisances such as foxes, quolls, dogs and cats. These nighttime wanderers will scout the area in search of a midnight snack and your poultry coop just might satisfy unless, of course it is armed with anti-predator armor. Foxes, quolls, dogs and cats will dig, and dig, and dig to gain access to your chickens. Persistent, yes. Successful, absolutely not! Simply equip your chicken coop and run with a few basic safety measures and predator worries will be a thing of the past. First, roll out a roll of heavy gauge wire mesh underneath your coop and run area making sure to extend the wire mesh out about 200mm on all sides giving your charming chooks added protection. Now, while foxes aren’t the best of climbers, quolls excel and won’t miss a beat if they spy a run they can climb. So, if they are an issue in your area, be sure to add a hardware cloth, perspex, or a sheet of timber to the top of your chickens’ run so quolls can’t scamper about and try to get in. Also, chickens benefit greatly by having a solid roof of some kind over their run-it offers shade on hot days, protection from the elements, and an added barrier from climbing creatures up to no good.

Children love to visit the chicken coop! Chickens, being the delightful critters that they are will definitely draw the attention of your children, grandchildren, and children from around your neighborhood. The kids will want to visit, chat, and watch your clucky chooks as they entertain with their antics. But what about snakes? No worries. You can watch the interactions with a smile and a sigh, because wonderful wire mesh is wonderful at keeping your two legged little ones and your two legged feathered ones safe and secure from sly snakes popping up inside the run.

Will They Still Be Able To Dust Bathe?

Good question. Even though you add an overabundant pile of straw, grass, wood shavings atop the wire mesh floor, your sweet chooks will still need a dust bathing area. No problem-simply place a cat litter pan or a tire inside the run and fill it with sand or dirt and voila…dust bath! Just be sure to keep it clean so your chooks can keep clean too!

Backyard Chicken Coops is the place to go to find well-made chicken coops with the option of adding wonderful wire mesh flooring to the run. They use a heavy gauge 20mm x 20mm welded galvanized wire mesh. That definitely will not rust! And, they sure do go the egg-stra mile for their fellow poultry enthusiasts by cutting the flooring longer and wider than the area of your coop’s run to ensure that your chooks are egg-ceptionally safe from even the most persistent predators!

Wire mesh flooring is indeed, an EGG-cellent idea! So, don’t wait! Contact Backyard Chicken Coops today, to learn more about adding wire mesh flooring to your chicken coop at: sales@backyardchickencoops.com.au

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