Will The Eggs My Pet Chickens Lay Taste Better Than Store Bought?

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Kassandra Smith

Senior Editor • Backyard Chicken Coops

Last Updated: 16 December 2014


We absolutely love the fresh eggs we get from our chickens every day - but, if you haven’t had eggs such as these before, you might be wondering if there’s any taste difference. The answer is yes - and it definitely sways in favour of the fresh!


You will find that fresh eggs have a much richer and robust flavour, whereas store bought eggs are a little more bland, and lighter in flavour- we know what we’d choose!

Because farm fresh are the tastier alternative, they are especially delicious as a dish on their own, and they will also enhance your next quiche or pavlova more so than their store bought equivalent.


Nutritionally, fresh eggs are also much better for you than the store bought variety. They have less cholesterol and saturated fat, more vitamins...see for yourself in our Eggs: Store Bought Vs. Free Range article.

Nothing beats the creamy taste of a fresh egg - you really couldn’t get a better tasting egg if you tried! This article goes through egg-sactly why backyard chicken eggs not only taste better, but are more nutritious for you.

Fresh, nutrition-dense eggs is a great reason to start keeping backyard chickens (like we needed another reason to love our flock!).  And the best way to ensure that your chickens are laying productively and fruitfully is to keep them safe and sound in a good chicken coop, fitted out with the required number of nesting boxes. Our Taj Mahal, Penthouse and Mansion coops will have your girls laying and your breakfast table full!

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