10 Ways To Show You Love Your Chickens

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Last Updated: 21 July 2020

If you #LoveYourChickens make sure you let everyone know!

Did you know that there are six times more chickens on this planet than humans? Did you know that chickens are the closest thing relation to the mighty tyrannosaurus? Did you know chickens have the same level of intelligence, sensitivity and cognitive abilities as a cat or a dog? There are so many incredible, compelling and downright amazing facts about chickens that many people, even chickens, don’t always know. There are of course some sadder facts about our fine feathered friends that many of us would prefer to forget. Did you know nearly 8 billion chickens are slaughtered each year in the USA once was they are no longer at their laying peak, despite the fact they could live for year more? Did you know that 448 million chickens live and die in Australian factory farms? Did you know some chickens are chemically modified to grow three times faster than their natural weight, leaving their bodies crippled under the weight and pressure? It may seem overwhelming but it is very easy to make a big difference with a small gesture of love. Find out some of the fun, cute and quirky ways you can show your love for chickens

Why is it important to show you love your chickens?

By simply sharing your love for chickens you are peacefully reacting against the unbelievable treatment most chickens fall victim to. It can be upsetting to reflect upon  the atrocious circumstances most chickens are subjected to but no matter how you feel most comfortable sharing your love for chickens, it's important to remember that every little gesture of love, appreciation and respect helps bring awareness to the protection of these beautiful creatures.

1. Adopt an ex-battery hen into your flock.


Adopting former battery hens is one of the best ways you can show your love and respect for all of chicken kind. Ex-battery hens sometimes have trouble assimilating into the free-range chicken world. However, with time and patience most of them are able to overcome their trauma. Keeping ex-battery hens will be a deeply rewarding experience as these tough little birds have so much love to give if you just give them a chance. Chickens, be they ex-battery hens or otherwise, always make cute and gentle pets.

  2. Give out fresh eggs at your workplace to raise awareness.

A nice subtle way to spread your love for chickens is to give the people in your workplace some free free-range eggs from your flock.. Though these eggs may seem precious, gifting fresh eggs to your colleagues is an easy way to start a conversation about caring for backyard chickens. The eggs are sure to tell themselves, as your work friends will absolutely adore eating them. Be sure to post a photo on social media of your work friends enjoying their lovely fresh eggs. At the end of the day, every chicken who finds a loving home in someone’s backyard is one less chicken being exploited by the caged hen industry.

3. Wear some funky chicken attire.

There are so many quirky chicken outfits and accessories to wear to show you are a loud and proud Chicken Lady! From hilarious novelty tee-shirts, hen bags and even fake chicken feet earrings for the adventurous - if you’re not afraid of standing out and making your love for chickens known, be sure to wear some eccentric chicken attire and let people know why you’re doing it. If you've got a great Chicken Lady outfit, be sure to share it to Facebook or Instagram.

4. Have a chit-chat to your friends and neighbours about chicken matters.

Simply popping your head over the fence saying “g’day” to your neighbour and letting them know about your flock and how much you love them is an easy way to spread the word. If you keep chickens it might be a good idea to invite them around so they can have a look at your coop and give your girls a little cuddle. Anyone who has met a chicken always has trouble going back to caged-eggs, and will often succumb to their charms and start a flock of their very own!

5. Harness the power of social media and post a photo with #LoveYourChickens and share your love with chickens to the world!


Have you ever taken a selfie with your chickens before? For most people the answer would be a resounding “no”. It's always the perfect time to strike a pose with your girls and let social media know that you and your flock are besties. Don’t be self-conscious, take a photo with your fine feathered friends and upload it to your Facebook or the Backyard Chicken Coops page with the hashtag #LoveYourChickens.

6. Volunteer at a not for profit animal organisation.

There are a lot of non-profit animal protection organisations that are often looking for enthusiastic volunteers to help out. Different organisations will expect different things of their volunteers ranging from caring for animals directly, to helping raise awareness of different causes. If you love all animals, chickens included, you might want to demonstrate your support by helping out for a day or a couple of times a month. Look into organisations includes RSPCA, and Where Pigs Fly, however there are sure to be many more out there - a quick Google search will be sure to help you out!

7. For a day don’t eat any egg or chicken products that rely upon caged eggs.

You might want to consider not eating any egg or chicken products that you feel rely upon unethical practices to sustain their industry. This is likely to bring your awareness to how many food products are reliant on the cheap and exploitative practice of battery hens. Look at the list of ingredients in every product you buy that day and if it has eggs listed as an ingredient, ask yourself the question- “Did the chickens who laid these eggs lead a free and happy life?" The horrifying reality is, that often the answer to this question will be “no”.

8. Invite your friends and family over for a barbecue and let them meet your girls.

When in doubt simply throw a barbecue! Just say you're having everyone over to catch up and to get to know your chickens! You might even pick a date on the calendar and decide it's your entire flocks birthday. It might seem strange at first, however, once everyone comes round and the party gets started - what’s the difference? Make sure you introduce your guests to your flock and let them know how great it is to care for chooks! Probably not a good idea to include any chicken wings on the menu though...

9. Buy a chicken coop and get chickens.


Buying chickens and ensuring they have a nice home to live in is probably one of the most proactive things anyone can do to show how much you love your chickens. Chickens who are cared for by humans in their backyards are often the luckiest chickens in the world! Purchasing a strong and sturdy coop like the Taj Mahal, Penthouse and Mansion is one of the easiest ways to show your new flock that you’ve got their best interests at heart for life!

10. Stand on the street in a chicken suit and do a chicken dance!

When all else fails, simply slip into a chicken costume, stand on a street corner and start dancing! If anyone asks what you are doing, let them know you're there supporting happy free-range hens! Of course we are just yolkin' - but, some people have done it before, so why not you?

Chickens are amazing creatures and deserve respect all year round. How you choose to express your respect for chickens is really up to you. But, if you want to put your money where your mouth is, get yourself some chooks and make sure they have a eggcellent coop to live in, like the Taj Mahal, Penthouse or Mansion.

Fun chicken fact: did you know just 3 chickens can produce to to 20 eggs per week - that's a lot of omelettes! If you want more information about keeping chickens make sure you read this detailed guide here.

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