What Type Of Chicken Lady Are You?

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Kassandra Smith

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Last Updated: 23 July 2020

In the same way there are many different types of chickens, each with their own style and personality, there are also many different types of Chicken Ladies. As the name suggests, a Chicken Lady is a woman who loves and is committed to the safety, welfare and happiness of her flock. A Chicken Lady can be found almost anywhere, in the suburbs, on a property with rolling hills, maybe even on the roof of a high-rise building rummaging through a nesting box! Though every Chicken Lady is unique in her own right, we have been able to successfully devise what we think might be the top six Chicken Lady personality types. Have a read, share it with a friend and have a think about what Chicken Lady personality type best suits you.

Empty Nester Chicken Lady


The Empty Nester Chicken Lady often has her first real encounter with poultry kind once the kids have moved out of home and off to universities, jobs or overseas. The stress of seeing her children leave compels the Empty Nester Chicken Lady to secure herself a small flock of chooks, as she finds herself needing something to love, hold and cuddle now that the kids are gone. This may paint a sad picture of the Empty Nester Chicken Lady but what she quickly discovers is the fact that she absolutely LOVES chickens: they’re gentle, giving, helpful, talkative, and generally speaking, tend to make less mess than the kids. Soon the Empty Nester Chicken Lady finds herself hatching eggs out of an incubator as her coop quickly fills up with cheeping little cuties. The Empty Nester is motherly, affectionate, patient and loves nothing more than sharing stories about her girls to friends, family and neighbours. You’ll often find her looking after breeds such as the docile Australorp and the easy-going Rhode Island Red, but she tends to be welcoming of any type of chooks to her flock.

Eco Chicken Lady


Eco Chicken Ladies are dedicated to the safety and integrity of all chicken kind! She is always deeply committed to her veggie patch that is often nourished by chicken manure enriched compost. Eco Chicken Ladies tend to live outside the suburbs, either close to the beach or mountains, as they like to feel connected with wildlife and all of nature. Their flocks tend to be sprawling and are inclusive of all manner of creatures, from chickens (of course), to ducks, Guinea fowl and maybe even rabbits and dogs. The Eco Chicken Lady does have a particular fondness for former battery hens that she quickly adopts into her flocks whenever there is enough room. Though her chickens often free-range all day, she regularly tops up the deep litter system in her sprawling extended coop run with hemp bedding, which she uses because it is environmentally friendly and helps repel mites and other nasty critters. The Eco Chicken lady is passionate, dedicated, loyal, intense, but always welcoming and inviting of guests to her sustainable eco-paradise be they humans, animals or otherwise.

Crazy Chicken Lady


The much revered Crazy Chicken Lady is perhaps one of the most renowned variety of poultry keeper. Some women are born Crazy Chicken Ladies, while others gradually become infected by it, like a sublime fever in which all their thoughts gradually turn to their flock and all other things chicken related. Though Crazy Chicken Ladies may sound a little loopy, their senses are honed and they can quickly identify if something is wrong in their flock. No slight discomfort in their chickens step, no slight change in their call, not even a single missing feather is ever left unnoticed by the Crazy Chicken Lady! She will quickly spring into action if need be, emergency chicken first aid kit in hand and can perform a number of tests and procedures that will soon have her girls in fine form again (usually a natural home made remedy with Apple Cider Vinegar). Her flock is often mixed with a variety of interesting breeds, from Silkies, Polishes and Faverolles, to more popular breeds like Wynadottes and Welsummers. Her backyard regularly includes an eclectic mix of chicken coops, a large Mansion Coop in the corner, a DIY run fashioned around the clothes line, a small Tractor Coop by the water tank, all the while chicken friendly herbs, like parsley, mint and dill spring relentlessly from every nook and cranny. During storms it isn’t uncommon to see the Crazy Chicken Lady clutching onto her girls on the bathroom floor or cuddling up with the flock inside the coop itself! The Crazy Chicken Lady is bubbly, quirky, funny, whilst somehow being both hyper-vigilant yet absent-minded, but she has such a big heart!

Baking Chicken Lady


Though all Baking Chicken Ladies love their girls, they are compelled to keep chickens out of necessity, as well as love. Eggs are what matters most to the Baking Chicken Lady and she often fills her sizable Penthouse coop with all the greatest laying hens, like ISA Browns, Orpingtons and Rhode Island Reds. Her kitchen counters are often crowded with Egg Skelters and makeshift egg cartons, overflowing with crisp eggs of all sizes, shapes and colours. The Baking Chicken Lady is always on the clock though, conscious of which eggs will expire at any moment, as she gracefully prepares all kinds of desserts, like Peach and Passionfruit Pavlova and Marbled Chocolate Brownies. More often than not there are still plenty of eggs left over for breakfast and you can trust the Baking Chicken Lady to know exactly how to make the perfect eggs be they fried, scrambled or poached. Non-laying hens still find a place in the Baking Chicken Lady’s flock because she loves chickens as much as she loves baking.

Classy Chicken Lady


The Classy Chicken Lady often has an air about her similar to that of Judi Dench or Helen Mirren. She is poised, well- mannered, softly-spoken, yet isn’t afraid to get down and dirty in her Mansion chicken coop and Run if need be. The Classy Chicken Lady’s flock is often a well-manicured mix of rare and exclusive breeds like Cochins, Araucana or she will prune and preen her Silkie chooks until they're the most stunning and eye-catching ladies in the coop. The chickens lead a lavish life eating organic feed and tasty treats, living securely inside their coop reinforced with wire mesh flooring, predator lights and automatic chicken coop door opener and closers. These Kardashi-hens live the life of luxury and they absolutely love it! Classy Chicken Ladies are philanthropists by nature and often encourage their wide circle of friends to keep chickens as well, though at times they find themselves trying to outdo each other with exclusive breeds and elaborate accessories. The Classy Chicken Lady is astute, savvy, connected and most of all proud of her incredible chicken menagerie.

Noah’s Ark Chicken Lady


The Noah’s Ark Chicken Lady may not navigate a ship, but she often drives a large four-wheel drive or maybe even a ute, which is filled with kids, dogs, cats and of course chickens. She is a committed animal lover with a seemingly endless supply of love and affection, which she willing gives to all manner of creatures in her home, from Guinea pigs to Guinea fowl. The Noah’s Arc Chicken Lady has a gift for reconciling the differences between chickens, cats, dogs, rabbits, miniature pigs and horses - whatever animals live under her wings are not just safe from the outside world, but from predators on the inside as well. Her house and garden are often filled with an assortment of enclosures, like the Paws Parlour and the Hoppy Hotel, which animals live where though might prove to be a mystery even to the Noah’s Arc Chicken Lady. She is energetic, playful, caring and always equipped to handle a situation when it doesn’t go entirely to plan.

No matter what type of Chicken Lady you are you’re going to need a strong and sturdy coop, to keep your flock safe. After all, you can’t be a Chicken Lady unless you have chickens!

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