Top Reasons to Own Silkie Bantams

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Kassandra Smith

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Last Updated: 17 July 2020


Silkie Bantam chickens are hands-down the most lovable chooks to ever grace backyard flocks! Though we love other breeds like ISA Browns, Plymouth Rocks and Wyandottes, there is just something about a silkie.  So, why do we love to love these fluffy lil’ sweeties?  Silkies have an egg-cellent temperament, they are luxuriously soft to the touch, they are one of the most unique breeds, they make ideal pets, and they are wonderful mother hens!

  • Silkie Bantams are sweet, sweeter, sweetest! We love Silkie Bantams because of their sweet, gentle and friendly temperament. These chickens are one of the most tame breeds and enjoy interacting with their human families.
  • Simply pleasing to touch, Silkies are, as their name implies, soft as a kitten’s fur and love to snuggle just like your favourite feline. Oh,we could just sit and pet these fluffy feathered friends all day!
  • Silkies are one of the most uniquely featured chicken breeds. Silkies have several characteristics that make them special in the poultry world. With their dark bluish-black skin and bones and blue-green earlobes, these chooks definitely make a fashion statement just by being themselves. Sporting an egg-stra toe, having five toes instead of the typical four, these critters really stand out in a chicken crowd! While the Silkies’ fluffy feel is an unusual trait only shared by a few other breeds, it also renders them flightless.
  • When you think of an ideal pet, Silkie Bantams definitely come to mind instantly. Due to their delightful temperament, compact size, tameness, and cuddle factor, kids and parents alike absolutely love these chickens. Just like a fuzzy little kitten, or playful puppy, these chickens will hop up into your lap and snuggle the hours away.
  • Silkies made wonderful mothers. In fact, they LOVE to brood so much that they quite often will set on other chicken’s eggs or even other species of birds, such as ducks. How “sweet” of these gals to volunteer their motherly instinct for the good of others.

So if your considering starting flock of these adorable feathered friends, you'll need to provide them with a warm, secure place to sleep!  We at Backyard Chicken Coops have our own Silkie Bantam family nesting comfortably in our coops - so we know they're perfect for any new additions you're planning.  Also, check out our Silkie Breed Profile for more information on this family-friendly bird.

Chickens with as much character as silkies need a coop bursting with personality. Make sure you move your fledgling flock of silkies into a Taj Mahal, Penthouse or Mansion coop. For more information about popular bantam chickens just click here.

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