Breed Profile: Cochin

by Kassandra Smith March 21, 2014


cochin chickens free ranging in backyard

This chicken was originally bred in China and later exported to Britain and America in the mid 19th century. As a very distinctive breed of chicken, it apparently created a bit of a craze among poultry lovers in the English-speaking world. Cochins also come in a variety called frizzled, in which the feathers are turned outward. There is also a bantam version, which is often called the "Pekin bantam", but should not be confused with the separate true Pekin bantam.


  • Class: Shanghai District - China
  • Size: 3.2 – 5kg
  • Bantam Size: 0.8 – 0.9kg
  • Rarity: Extremely Rare
  • Purpose: Show Chickens
  • Colour varieties include: buff, black, partridge, blue, silver laced, splash, golden laced, and white


  • Medium sized and brown in color
  • 150 - 180 Eggs Annually


The cochin have feathered feet and shanks sometimes resulting in muddy dirty feathers after it rains; keep your feathered friends confined for a few days after rain to keep them looking shiny and new! Their feathers are loose and puffy – they have so many feathers that there seems to be no gap between their legs.


  • Hardy in Winter: Yes
  • Especially Docile: Yes
  • Personality: Cochins are gentle, quiet and docile. Cochins are also known to be good pet hens for the garden, as they are tame and regarded as one of the most 'friendly' chicken breeds. Cochins are well known as good mothers, even as foster mothers for other breeds.  The bantam variety reportedly makes an excellent pet for kids and are apparently the easiest of chickens to tame.

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