Pretty Plumage - The 5 Most Beautiful Chicken Breeds

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Last Updated: 01 December 2018

Some people only expect eggs from their chookies. And that’s a shame! Because these gorgeous girls can be so much more! Next time you’re bored, why not try watching some Chookie TV in the backyard? Pretty soon you’ll be entranced by the storylines - who’s pecking who, and what the cluck did Doris just say?!

But what every good show needs is a cast of colourful characters. So why not spice up your backyard flock dynamics with one of these beautiful chicken breeds?

wyandotte chicken breed


Each individual feather of the Wyandotte chicken is packaged like a precious gift - outlined in black, brown, blue or salmon ribbon, these girls are familiar with a little thing called framing. They come in gold-laced, silver-laced, blue-laced, and salmon-laced varieties: one for every season, so you have no excuses!

barnevelder chicken breed


The Barnevelder takes things an extra step further with a double-laced pattern: a gorgeous ‘fanning’ design that gets better the closer you look. If they weren’t so dignified, we might even accuse them of showing off.

welsummer chicken breed


The Welsummer flips the script completely by having feathers that are lighter closer to the edges, creating a beautiful dappled effect. The hackle feathers around their neck tend to be a lighter colour, because a girl’s gotta accessorise.

frizzle chicken breed


Well, speaking of flipping the script, how about flipping the feather? The frizzle chicken does just that in a bold move that has most definitely paid off. Flaunting all conventional beauty standards, all of the Frizzle’s feathers point upward, as if to say, ‘up yours, ladies’.

silkie chicken breed


The Silkie on the other hand carries herself with the effortless cool that comes with being the most popular bantam chicken around. Maybe she’s born with it? Wait a minute, of course she is!

You’ve seen some beautiful chickens, now how about some beautiful eggs?

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