5 Reasons to Love Wyandotte Chickens

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Last Updated: 18 July 2020

Wyandotte chickens are bold, beautiful and brassy birds both inside and out. The Wyandotte breed was first established in 1883 in North America. Having admired the perfect plumage of the British Sebright chicken, American breeders set out to create a practical, but no less pretty, version to suit the new world. Popularity was slow growing, but eventually Wyandotte chickens became main players on the dual purpose scene, providing meat and eggs for a fast moving America. Their bold temperaments and stunning array of plumage colours make them a great choice for backyard chicken keepers who want an easy going and easy on the eye chook to add to their flock. Fall in love with these all round beauties by reading our reasons to adore Wyandotte chickens below.  

Wyandotte chicken close up

Hey Pretty Pretty

When it comes to pretty plumage, Wyandotte chickens have it in the bag. Their feathers come in a wide variety of colours and patterns that never fail to please in the looks department. Want a stunning gold laced bird? Wyandotte! Partial to some sassy silver laced plumage? Wyandotte! Do you like bold black, blue or buff? Wyandotte! In fact there aren’t many colours or styles these statement gals and guys don’t have sorted. The most popular kinds you’ll see are the silver or gold laced Wyandottes, and it’s not hard to tell why these examples of plumage perfection are such a hit. If you’re thinking of starting a fabulous flock of beautifully dressed hens, Wyandottes are a superb choice!

An Easy Going Girl

While a chicken’s looks are nice and all, it’s not the reason most chicken keepers fall hopelessly in love with their Wyandotte chickens. These lovely hens have more to offer the world than their well dressed looks and gorgeous red rose combs! Wyandotte chickens are bold but easy going girls that make great companion pets. They are happy to forage by your side while you garden but are also content to be left to their own devices, gossiping with the girls in their run or coop. These chickens love to chat and will keep you entertained with their backyard banter, chirps and coos and clucks a-plenty! Wyandottes are the perfect example of a happy-go-clucky hen that would fit into any family or flock. If you are just starting out in the chicken keeping game and would like to know about more breeds that are great for beginners have a stickybeak here.

Beautiful Eggs From Beautiful Birds

Wyandotte chickens have the looks and the personality, but do they have the skills to pay the bills? Hen yes! Wyandottes are great egg layers, gifting their lucky keeper with 200 or more eggs per year. Their lovely light brown cackleberries will keep you happy and healthy, perfect for the next egg-cellent egg dish to wow your friends and family with! Wyandottes are even known to lay through the colder months, when other hens hang up their egg-layer hats for winter. Want to know what other chicken breeds are great layers? Have a peck at this article.  

Wyandotte chicken in backyard

A Marvellous Mother Hen

Looking for a foster mother hen for your batch of fertilised eggs? Look no further than the Wyandotte chicken! You need a mother hen who will raise baby chicks as if they were her own and Wyandottes make great mummas, renowned for their ability to brood and tenderly raise cute baby chicks to fill your flock with joy. They will keep your chicks by their side and in their hearts, raising the best batch of baby chicks your flock has ever seen. Don’t want a clucky mumma hen on your hands? No problem! Broodiness can be avoided. Have a look at this helpful article here.

Cold Ain’t No Thing!

These curvaceous ladies are built to cuddle! With their generous proportions, warm and full feathering and small tight combs, Wyandotte chickens are perfect for chicken keepers who live in a colder climate. Snow and brisk winds don’t faze these girls but make sure they have a well ventilated coop and some lovely warm bedding for snuggling. What could be sweeter than seeing a perch full of different coloured Wyandottes, all fluffed up and ready to roost for the winter’s night? We say nothing! Worried about your flocks roosting habits? Have sticky beak here.

The Wyandotte chicken is a fun and fabulous breed of chook for any Chicken Lady or Lad. Their stunning plumage and straightforward personalities make them great additions to any keeper’s coop. Wyandottes are a chicken with personality and need a coop with character to flourish! Want to start a fledgling flock of two? Or perhaps create a fun and laid-back home for a group of these lookers? We have all you need with our easy to love and easy to clean coops like the marvellous Mansion, the perfect Penthouse or the terrific Taj Mahal. Have a peck at these happy homes to see what coop is the right choice for your Wyandotte gossip girls.

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