5 Reasons to Love Frizzle Chickens

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Last Updated: 17 July 2020

The dramatic and stunning Frizzle chicken is a curious looking chook with a warm temperament and a surprising amount of grit for someone so glamourous! These girls come in standard and bantam sizes and have unique feathers that curl outwards instead of lying flat. To the untrained eye, these Frizzle feathers give them the appearance of someone who has had an unfortunate blow dry, but these girls are ahead of the times! They know they are setting trends with their uncommon looks and wear their frazzled and fluffy feathers with pride. These ladies can usually be found parading around a show ring, taking home ribbons for their frizzle factor, but they aren’t just the next starlet in line to fall from grace! The Frizzle chicken is not above joining the common backyard flock and makes a wonderful choice of pet for your family and a great addition to your coop.


Frizzled and Fabulous

Let’s not beat around the bush! These Frizzle chicken ladies are quite the sight to behold. Whether they are adorned with buff, white, black, blue or silver-grey plumage, these girls are a curious looking hen that demands attention. Their unique appearance is quite the international mystery, as no-one really knows how they got so frizzled in the first place! Originating in Asia as far back as the 18th Century, Frizzle chickens are now bred for their fabulous and frizzled locks and are a mainstay on the chicken show circuit, winning awards and wowing fans with their fancy feathers and their calm and friendly spirit. It doesn’t take too much extra pampering or makeup to keep these Frizzles looking fab, but a regular check of their foot feathers for excess dirt is a good idea and a nice, warm and thick layer of hemp bedding for their coop is recommended, as they can feel the cold in extreme cases.

Enjoy Some Extra Frizzle With Your Favourite Breed

While Australia and some European nations recognise Frizzle chickens as a distinct breed, some countries classify them as a type. This is because the gene that makes a chicken fabulously frizzled can be found in different breeds of chickens. While the most common Frizzle chicken we see in Australia is the Cochin, a lot of other breeds can be frizzle frazzled! The frizzle gene looks good on any breed and is often seen in Polish hens, Plymouth Rock girls and Japanese bantams. There is even a bunch of ladies commonly called the Sizzle! These hens are a cross breed of Silkies and Cochins with the frizzle gene. Talk about a triple threat!


Crazy on the Outside, Calm and Collected on the Inside

With their frizzled plumage and short erect bodies, Frizzled chickens are quite the glitzy girls, but contrary to their outward appearance the Frizzled hen’s attitude is relaxed and easy-going. They are docile and gentle, adjusting to their surroundings and making friends with humans, hens and any other family members alike. You’d expect a Frizzle chicken to strut about, putting on airs and graces and demanding the first class treatment, but these delightful ladies are happy to just be a part of their family whether that be a bevy of Frizzled chooks or a lovely mixed flock. Frizzles forage and flap with the best of them and won’t turn down a cheeky treat and a cuddle or two, making them a pleasure to spend time with - be it backstage or in your own backyard!

_x000c_A Good Egg

Don’t let their showgirl features fool you, the Frizzled chook is still very skilled at making an egg! All Chicken Ladies and Lads know the thrill of checking their coops and finding a bounty of fresh eggs from their flock. Frizzle chickens don’t deny you this wondrous pleasure! These glamourous hens can produce up to 150 beautiful cream or tinted egg gifts for you per year per hen, especially if you make sure they have a balanced diet of good quality feed and plenty of protein. If you keep a flock of two or three Frizzle chickens you will definitely have enough egg-cellent egg treats to keep your family satisfied - and maybe some of your lucky neighbours too! Why not use some frizzle eggs in your recipes and add some pizzazz to your daily poach!


A Good Mum

If you’re thinking of naturally hatching some baby chicks, the Frizzle chicken is a great choice when deciding which lady in your flock would suit the role of Mother Hen. They make egg-cellent brooders and attentive mothers, their outlandish feather formations don’t stand in the way of these girls being some of the best incubators and chick raisers to dance across the coop stage. If you’re not keen on encouraging this show of motherly love, no problem! Brooding can easily be discouraged in chooks who think they are playing the Mother Hen!

Frizzles may be able to put on the Ritz, but don’t let those bright lights blind you to their charms! At heart, these girls are really down to earth hens and loving a Frizzle chicken of your very own is one of life’s great pleasures. Frizzle chooks are a breed with personality and need a coop with character. Want to start a fledgling flock of two? Or perhaps create a happy and healthy stage for a chorus line of frazzled Frizzle friends? We have you sorted with our easy to love and easy to clean coops like the marvellous Mansion, the perfect Penthouse or the terrific Taj Mahal. Have a peck at these happy homes to see what coop is right for your fledgling flock.

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