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Frizzles are a docile, gentle and quiet chicken breed. Frizzle chickens have unique feathers that curl outwards instead of lying flat. Frizzles are mainly exhibition types of chickens kept primarily for the show ring. The bantam variety are much more popular than the larger type. While Australia and some European nations recognise Frizzle chickens as a distinct breed, some countries classify them as a type. This is because the gene that makes a chicken fabulously frizzled can be found in different breeds of chickens.

black and white frizzle chicken perching


  • Class: Southern Asia, The Philippines and Java
  • Size: 3.9- 5kg
  • Rarity: Quite  Rare
  • Purpose: Show Chickens
  • Most common colour varieties include: white, black, blue, buff and silver-grey.
  • Less common colour varieties include: Columbian, black-red, duckwing, cuckoo, spangle, brown-red, pile and spangle.


  • Cream or tinted medium eggs
  • 120- 150 Eggs Annually
  • The hens are fair egg layers in spring and make excellent brooders Generally true bred Frizzles lay quite well.


The strange feathering curls towards the head and is even and as tight as possible. Frizzles are full breasted and have short erect bodies. Large tails and long wings complete the picture.


  • Hardy in Winter: Yes
  • Especially Docile: Yes
  • Personality: They are happy to free range or be confined in runs and are not known as being particularly good fliers. They are easy to tame and are very placid, calm birds.

closeup of frizzle chicken feathers

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